Happy Day for NearMe


Flashy 11 pieces outfit set for NearMe featuring a one-piece dress with high-quality body handles, many posable smart props, custom morphs and over 40 MAT poses. Happy Day for NearMe by Ken1171

Happy Day is a new outfit for NearMe featuring 11 pieces:

* 1-piece dress with custom morphs and 5 body handles for natural posing
* Short long socks: compatible with NearMe's default shoes and Pretty Fluff shoes
* Backpack: posable smart prop
* Scarf: posable smart prop
* Hair clips: posable smart prop
* Bunny hat: posable smart prop
* Kitty cap: smart prop
* Blacelet
* Panties
* Boots

The set offers over 40 MAT poses organized in 7 color sets that can be mixed and matched into many different combinations. You can also assign your own colors and create your own textures (templates provided).

The stockings can be used with NearMe's default shoes and morphs are provided to also fit my Pretty Fluff outfit set (available separately) as well.

Materials are meant for Poser 7 but should also work with Poser 5 and 6. All props are smart (auto-parent) and most come with many dials for additional posing.

The skirt hip is controlled by 5 body handles that allow for all sorts of poses that are usually not possible with regular conforming dresses.