Anime Xpression Prop Pack Vol.1


Ever wanted to create your manga project using Poser figures but something was lacking on the Anime expressions side? The Anime XpressionProp Pack Volume 1 offers a wide variety of Japanese Anime expression icons, such as the infamous sweat drop, stressed veins, and much more. Perfect for your Poser-based manga projects! Works with all Poser figures, for as long as they have a head. Anime Xpression Prop Pack Vol.1

Tired of postworking your Poser characters to add Anime-like emotions? Missing those textured eyes that allow those iconic Anime expressions? Missing a teeth prop that can morph to give that wacky Anime look? Well, here they are!

With about a hundred ready to use items, this package brings up all the Animeness you have been wishing for your Anime characters. Here you get XpressionProps you can use with any Poser figure (default to AnimeDoll). Each prop can be combined with others to bring up the wackiest Anime expressions. There is a great number of possible combinations!

Here you get:

* 24 brand new geometries
* 38 exclusive Anime XpressionProps with custom posing dials
* 13 Anime XpressionProp MAT poses for additional ease of use
* 11 Anime XpressionProp textures

As a bonus, this package also includes:

* 10 full body poses for Aiko3
* 10 full body poses for AnimeDoll
* 10 facial expressions for Aiko3
* 13 facial expressions for AnimeDoll

Combining the bonus body and facial poses with the XpressionProps can considerably speed up your scene creation process, or even serve as a base for entirely new ones.

The Anime XpressionEyes are similar to AnimeDoll's original eyes, and can even replace them. But the AnimeDoll original eyes are hard to pose, so the Anime XpressionEyes come with special eye posing dials to make things much easier and faster! You can also create your own textures to add even more expression to your Anime characters!

The Anime XpressionTeeth can be used with virtually any Poser figure (tested defaults to AnimeDoll and Aiko3). With multiple posing dials, this new prop can make a perfect versatile replacement for both AnimeDoll and Aiko3 teeth. From regular looks to shark pointy shape, the Anime XpressionTeeth is the perfect prop for proper Anime expressions!

All Anime XpressionProps are smart! They will automatically parent and position themselves to the proper place in the currently selected Poser figure. Many contain custom morph dials to help you properly pose and position them with your figure. All colors are also easily customizable with the provided material zones.

This product has been optimized to work with Poser versions 4, Pro, 5, and 6 for either PC or Macintosh computers.

The Anime Xpression Props can be used with (but not limited to) the following Poser figures, here listed by OBJ file name for easy reference:

3DUSara2, AMSilver, Adam2HiRes, ApolloMaximus2005, Behemoth, Ben, Betaboy, Blendloboy, Blendlobusman, Blendlobuswom, Blendlocasboy, Blendlocasman, Blendlocaswom, Blendloman, Blendlowom, BoyT, Britta, CasBoy, CasGirl, Dylan, Elle, Elle_Lorez, Furraldo2, Furraldo2D, Furrette2, Furrette2D, G_A_L_Geometrie, Glamorous Jessi 36, Glamorous Vickie, UM, HER, HIM, Ichiro, Ichiro2, Ingenue, Vickie, UM, James, JamesCasual, JamesHiRes, JamesLoRes, Jenny, Jessi, JessiCasual, JessiHires, Kate, Kiki, Koshini, Koshini2, Krystal-K2, MDP-F202, MayaDoll01Basic, Miki, MsTrog07, NudeGirl, P4NudeWom, P5CasualBoy, P5CasualGirl, P5CasualMan, P5CasualWoman, P5NudeBoy, P5NudeGirl, P5NudeMan, P5NudeWoman, PHFemale, PHMale P_A_L_Geometrie, PumpkinMan, R-lina, SKMonkey, Snowman, SolondraIII, SolondraIII_V3, Staci, StaciLR, TeraiYuki, TeraiYukiHighRes, UG, UGHR, Ugly Boy, XJ-5d, XJ-6abizwomHi, blAfricManBiz, blAfricManCas, blAfricWomBiz, blAfricWomCas, blAiko3, blAlien, blAsianManBiz, blAsianManCas, blAsianWomBizblAsianWomCas, blBigft, blChimp, blDavid, blDemon, blElf, blFREAK, blFairy, blFatmanUp, blFatwomUp, blGinger, blGirlblGremlin, blGrim, blHiro, blInfant, blKnight, blMilGirlPS, blMilGirlPT, blMilMan, blMilManLoNG, blMilMan_M3_M2, blMilMan_m3, blMilWom, blMilWomLo, blMilWomLoNG, blMilWom_V3_V2, blMilWom_v3, blNudeInfant, blNudeMan_Gen, blOgre, blOldman,blOldwomUpblP4Michael, blPSBoy, blPSBoyPS, blPSGirl, blPSGirlPS, blPenguin, blSkeleton, blStephanie, blStephaniePetite, blSumo, blTrollblVickiP4, blWitch, blYTBoy, blYTGirl, blYTGirlPT, childCasHi, childCasLo, childNudeHi, childNudeLo, childStick, creeper, dsiDina, dsiDinaLo, esmeralda, femaleCasHi, femaleCasHiP3, femaleCasLo, femaleNudeHi, femaleNudeHiP3, femaleNudeLo,femaleOrigfemaleSkeleton, femaleStick, femaleSuitHi, femaleSuitLo, hardHi, jt01_TrollGeometry, laroo2, maleCasHi, maleCasLo,maleNudeHimaleNudeLo, maleNudeWithEyes, maleOrig, maleSkeleton, maleStick, maleSuitHi, maleSuitLo, mannequin, newMaleBizHi,newMaleCasHiplantpixie, sheFreak, stemHi, trog14, zombie, zombie3, tree ent, Ugly Boy, Natalia, PowerPixie.