Pauline Summer Outfit


Pauline Summer Outfit

Get ready for the changes in seasons with a a cute summer outfit for Pauline that includes a conforming skirt, shoes, top as well as a dynamic jacket.

Conforming Skirt includes: Belt Blue Suede.mc6, Belt Brown Suede.mc6, Skirt Floral.mc6 and Skirt Black.mc6

Conforming Top includes: Top Blue.mc6 and Top Cream.mc6

Conforming Shoes includes: Shoes Black.mc6 and Shoes Brown.mc6

Dynamic Jacket includes: Jacket Blue Floral.mc6 and Jacket Brown Suede.mc6

Load the clothing figures from the props section of the library. The dynamic jacket has been set up with a basic dynamic setup. It is recommended that self-collision be checked as well as allowing 20-30 drape frames to run before the simulation. It is also recommended to set the collision offset and collision depth on the jacket to .25 for all things it would collide with.

REQUIREMENTS: Poser 11 or newer