TY2-Xtreme Makeup 2014


So you have a library full of Terai Yuki characters that you love but how great would it be to be able to apply more makeup options then what is already available to them. Its like breathing new life to you characters in a click.

How do I use this?
Its quite simple select your Terai Yuki character you want to use apply their skin shader set the up how you normally would and then click the makeup option you want to apply.

What you get::
5 Universal Makeup options that you can apply to any Terai Yuki skin texture base.

**Results may vary depending on how the character shader is setup. Try out the free 1 Click Makeup Option in my catalogue to understand what your getting.

What software is this for?::
This only works with Poser 2014.

**Makeup textures is not permitted for reused in commercial character packages.