Poser Mega Bundle 01 Material Set


Distinct Sun Presents: Poser Materials Mega Bundle 01

• 500+ stylistic materials for use with Poser 6 and above

Use these materials to extend the stylistic power of your Poser Renders. Get amazing results with styles that range from weathered, worn, tattered paint and materials to a variety of golds variations. The reflect set provides for some interesting ways for reflective and opaque texture display mimicking a frosted glass. There are 5 sets of various camo types from Forest to urban to desert. All 500+ materials in this Mega Bundle are shader based with no actual textures or images referenced. This is pure math. They don't always match a real world material, but thats the fun of it right? For example the Digital Saturated Rust set is my take on a rusty texture that could only occur in an over saturated digital environment. Don't turn the channel there is more!
The Powder and Skin sets are an intersting and simple take on human skin. These will be great for a cartoon render, distance renders or plainly just something a little less realistic, but not too fake. If your thing is Aliens instead, try the alien skin set.
Do you want to see a render of each and every material in this enormous set?
check out my flickr page.
Contains the following sets of Poser Materials
- AlienSkin vol 1
- Camouflage vol 1 Forest
- Camouflage vol 2 Desert
- Camouflage vol 3 Future
- Camouflage vol 4 Urban
- Camouflage vol 5 Desert II
- Cloud Warp vol 1
- Cloud Warp vol 2
- Crusty vol 1
- Digital Saturated Rust vol 1
- Dots vol 1
- Golds
- Grids_and_Stripes vol 1
- Grids_and_Stripes vol 2
- Marble
- Powder vol 1
- Reflect vol 1
- Reflect vol 2
- Ripple
- Skin vol 1
- Squirm vol 1
- Squirm vol 2
- Tattered vol 1
- Weathered vol 1
- Worn
I hope you have as much fun using these, as I did making them.
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