Anime Studio 10 Multi-Brush Pack 01


Distinct Sun Presents:
Anime Studio 10 Multi-Brush Pack 01

• Contains Anime Studio Multi-Brush Pack 01
• 100 stylistic brushes for use with Anime Studio

Use these Brushes to extend the power of Anime Studio and define your animations with a unique natural media style.

Anime Studio has a feature where you can take a vector line or shape that you have created and apply a brush stroke to it. You can either add the brush during creation or change the brush style that is applied later. This gives a lot of power and flexibility when creating vector characters, backgrounds and scene elements. The Width, Color, Rotation, and Spread along with other parameters can be adjusted further providing you with not just the 100 Multi-Brush options here, but it literally allows for thousands of options.

These brushes are image based from high resolution source files providing the ability to not just create a thin line in a natural media style, but it allows you create textural elements to your scene as well.

Required Products:
Software: Anime Studio Version 10 or later.

To install copy files into your User content location. See Readme on specifics.