AtoZ Massive 1 Topside v1 from Tiger9166
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AtoZ Massive 1 Topside v1 from Tiger9166
The Planet seemed so peaceful. Then the sand storms kicked up with those 800mph winds! Then the virus made half the staff into blood craving flesh eating Zombies! So, not so peaceful! We wanted to drill down and build a tunnel system deep below the surface, but the sub-strata was almst diamon hard! We requested explosives and detonators from home base, but were told that "high value" mining operations elsewhere in this forsaken system where using all stores. So, we used what we had which was thermite roping and were able to burn down far enough to set up a few stable supports that could withstand the more unpleasant weather we'd encountered. We built windowless habitats and spent days hunting down every dangerous creature and person that the virus had created. We fought for and built a relatively peaceful way of "containerize" life for ourselves and continued our mission, finding the dry plankton life form that shifted about the planet in massive thin layers that we had to harvest for the rest of the colonists of the system. Shipments went out once every fifteen days, so we did have to spend a lot of time "outside".

Please watch the three Promotional Videos to see the articulated pieces in motion... Sorry, no 80mph Sand Storms!

Please see the enclosed plans and models of our habitat design. Like the Massive Concrete Tunnels on Terra One, they are tubular in design, but here we just call them Massive Topsides!
I welcome you to the next installment of the AtoZ Engineering Massive Series. This set like it's name in Massive! It plays well with the other Massive Sets we've created for you, and we hope you'll enjoy addin this extraordinary set to your libraries!

As has become our habit, this set comes with Mat Pose Texture Sets to make Metalic, Worn Metallic, Steanpunk and Rusty versions to use as you wish. The Textures are large and the largest pieces have multiple textures to their templates so it is a HUGE load ... Textures are hand made using a new AtoZ technique to give you sensational renders ... ENJOY!
This Massive Massive Set Retails for $59.95 ... BUT you might be able to pick one up on sale ... keep watching! Anytime they're on sale, there are only a VERY limited number available!
Comes with GOBS of cool stuff... Files in the usual places... THE END ... Just Kidding!

Massive I Topside Comes with ...
    Massive I Topside: FIGURES
  • Massive 5 Portal Tunnel with Braces/grates/rivets and fasteners! <-Texture Details!
    • Two Large "tow motor/fork lift sized" Openings with articulated rotating/sliding Doors (Leads to Massive Room {see below})
    • Three Mansized Openings with articulated rotating/sliding Doors (Leads to Living Quarters/Command Center{see below})
  • High Deck Walkway for Tunnel with HiRes Decking
  • Full End Rail Load for One End of the High Deck
  • Full End Rail Load for the other End of the High Deck (or 1/2 Deck {use ztrans while setting up your initial creations})
  • Three Section Stairway To Ascend to the High Deck from "Road Level" for one end of the High Deck
  • Three Section Stairway To Ascend to the High Deck from "Road Level" for the other end of the High Deck
  • 1/2 Wide End Rail Load for One End of the High Deck to use with staircase.
  • 1/2 Wide End Rail Load for the other End of the High Deck to use with other staircase.
  • Massive 1/2 Length Tunnel
  • 1/2 High Deck for 1/2 Tunnel
  • Tunnel End2 Piece
  • Massive Room (storeroom / maintanance workshop ... whatever you want it to be)
  • Living Quarters/Command Center - Three Story Windowless Building with see-through Elevator Shaft with articulated Lift Floor AND rotating see-through doors on each floor (See the Promo Pics! Yes, we had Alien Dogs "visiting" for a while!)
  • Pillared Trapzoidal Brace for Massive Room
  • Habitat Massive Tunnel Support
  • Habitat Massive Tunnel Support With Articulated Door ... #1 Rotate it #2 Slide to down to Pavement Level
  • Habitat Massive Tunnel Entrance Ramp and Support With Articulated Door ... #1 Rotate it #2 Slide to down to Pavement Level
  • Preloads:
      EZ Assembly
    • 4 Massice Room Braces
    • Complete Double Habitat
    • Complete Ground (and under) Habitat
    • Massive "AirLock" Massive Entrance And Support with Door, Two 1/2 Tunnels and another Massive Support with a Door
  • 11 Presets some with Main, Aux AND Dolly
    Mat Poses:
  • 60 presets ...
  • ALL ITEMS (except turntables) Plain/Default Metal
  • ALL ITEMS (except turntables) Worn, Dirty & Smokey
  • ALL ITEMS (except turntables) Steampunk Bronze Worn
  • ALL ITEMS (except turntables) Rusty
    Regular Prop:
  • Tunnel End 2
    Smart Props: HINT: Be sure to select the Massive 5 Portal Tunnel!
  • Turntable for 1st Large Portal
  • Turntable for 2nd Large Portal
  • Hallway for Mansized for Portal #1
  • Hallway for Mansized for Portal #2
  • Hallway for Mansized for Portal #3
YES! That's a LOT of STUFF!

DID YOU KNOW? (of course not ... at least yet...)
FACT! The Textures for this set including all the rust grime rivets braces and themes top out at 149 files and total 270MB!
There now you do know ... and you know why there are so many zip files to download!
    Yes, the files are all in the usual TJM locations:
  • Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Construction
  • Runtime>Textures>TJM>Construction
  • Runtime>Libraries>Camera>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS Surface
  • Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS
  • Runtime>Libraries>Pose>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS
  • Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS - AND >SMART

      TO MAKE "TOPSIDE" above the ground Massives: BEFORE ADDING ANY OF THE TALL SUPPORTS or the Airlock Preload. FIRST, load ALL the Massive I Topside Tunnels Figures and Smart props! Slide Tunnels etc. using your ztrans dials... Then Parent all pieces and parts into one unit!
      After they are one complete unit, raise the whole assembly 5.556 Poser units to match the Tall Supports with or without doors.
      Yes, this includes adding Massive Ts and Xs if you own those!
      I'd love to see your renders... email to ... Thanks!
      Thank you in advance if you add this COOL set to your Massive Collection or Start your Massive Collection by adding one to your Library!
      Legal Stuff:
      Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ All Rights Reserved

      License file included.
      Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Characters, Animals, Zombies, Muzzle Flashes and other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed above are NOT included!
      This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.