Anime Studio Curriculum Guide


Anime Studio Curriculum Guide

The Anime Studio Curriculum Guide was designed to teach students about the Principles of Animation. These principles are the backbone for each lesson and serve two purposes: they are essential skills for any animation project (traditional or digital), and they provide a framework for learning Anime Studio.

12 Full Lessons and Videos

The Curriculum Guide consists of 12 step-by-step written tutorials and video lessons focusing on the meaning of each principle, and how each principle can be demonstrated through sample animations created in Anime Studio. It also includes final versions of the projects students will complete, as well as sample files used in the lessons.

Contents include:
  • The Principles of Animation Curriculum Guide
  • Project files and content needed to complete the lessons
  • Step-by-step tutorials for each of the lessons
  • Video tutorials for each lesson
  • Assessments after each Principle


  • Requires Anime Studio 10 Debut or Pro
  • 300 MB additional disc space recommended