~Blue Fantasy~


~Blue Fantasy~ for Nearme by Ken1171

Bring Nearme to the fantasy realm with this complete set of figure transformation. The included double-jointed legs seamlessly replace all of Nearme's body parts from the waist down. All existing clothing that reach down up to the thighs should still work normally. Please refer to the readme.txt file for hints, tips and details.

Blue Fantasy includes:
* Conforming double-jointed leg replacement (support full IK and FK)
* Morphing head tentacles (as many as you want, default is 4)
* Custom long ears morph
* Horns SmartProp
* Posable tail (with EasyPose dials!)
* 3 skin textures (Blue, Green and Purple)
* 3 sets of MAT poses to match all parts to the current skin color
* 3 helper preset poses
* Texture templates - create your own textures!
* Full documentation with hints, tips and usage instructions

* Conforming leg warmers!
* 6 MAT poses for leg warmers

The outfit works great with normal shading or toon mode renders. This product has been tested for Poser 9 but should also work with older versions and DAZ Studio, except for materials based on shader nodes (P5/6/7/8/9/Pro only).