SWD Frostiana


A fae beauty carved from the harsh, and wonderous land of ice and snow, Frostiana is a must have for any cold and ice-filled fantasy render.

She comes complete with human and ice base skins, 9 total make-ups that are as sharp as the shards of ice she was carved from, 8 eye colors (4 specifically for each texture), 6 lash options, 9 lip colors, 2 elf ear options, and custom head and body morphs, she is a perfect addition to any runtime.

Take her from powerful ice warrior to gentle snow faery with ease, making her the one fantasy character to really put some chill into your fantasy renders.

What's Included?
•01 Body Inj/Rem
•01 Head Inj/Rem
•02 Ear Inj/Rem
•09 Make-Ups & Mat Poses
•09 Lip Colors & Mat Poses
•08 Eye Colors & Mat Poses
•02 Default Skins, lips, and faces with Mat Poses
•06 Eyelash Mat Poses
•Full Body Textures with all required Bump & Specular mats

*Mat Poses included for both Daz Studio and Poser. Some include shaders.*

Additional NEED TO KNOWS

•Frostiana was tested and optimized for use in both Daz Studio 3 or higher and Poser Pro 4 or higher on PC. This product was not tested on a Mac.

•This is an add-on package. The Victoria 4.2 Figure, Morphs, Hair, Clothing, Background, Poses, and Lights are not included.

•You MUST have Victoria 4.2 and V4 Morphs ++ installed in order for the INJ/REM poses to work properly.

**NOTE: Render results may vary based on lighting choosen for your particular render and which software you use. This is particularly in reference to any MAT poses requiring the use of shaders. With some lighting, skin may look more shiny than with others.** Promotional Credits

Renders for the promotional images were rendered in Daz Studio 3 and Poser Pro 2010 with composition completed in Photoshop CS5. Thumbnail images were rendered in Poser Pro 2010 using the Firefly engine. No postwork was done except for composition purposes (minor resizing and drop shadows where needed).

Credit Info:

Character & Textures:
SWD Frostiana by Silverwind-Designs

Fighting Fae Armor for V4 by scooby37
Isabelle's Winter by Bice & outoftouch
Deviously: Glam 80s by Silver & DemonicaEvilius
Chaos Seed by Orion1167
Chaotic Realms for Chaos Seed by Mihrelle

Xell Hair by SWAM & Silencer
Paris Tail Hair by Swam & goldtassel
Toxic ParisTails by Silver
Marion Hair by Propschick/RPublishing

Background & Dividers:
DbE-Inspirations 3 Promo Creation Kit by DesignsbyEve & Sabby

Sabby-LightsFX by Sabby
Free Lights by Vex