AtoZ CRANE2012 PLUS - Construction Set by Tiger9166
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Introducing CRANE2012 PLUS from Tiger9166
CRANE2012 is an EXTREMELY Articulated VERY Poseable Poser7+ Crane Figure with a plethora of ERCs (this figue should work in earlier versions and in DAZ3D). Not jut one or two! A lot! Not to mention that CRANE2012 is equiped with an "EZ" Pose Cable with Hook (Thanks PhilC!) that adds to the fun you can have creating spectacular animations.
    Hosted on, this video showcases the entire Massive Construction Set Series that is available here on Content Paradise! NOTE: You'll see ALL that CRANE2012 can do near the end of this video! ... ENJOY!
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NOW, all about this CRANE2012 PLUS Construction Set:
  • You can Steer the Wheels (ERC Four Wheel Steering) and ERC Rotate them in order to drive CRANE2012 to Location or into precise position. BTW: Look in cab when you steer and you'll see that the steering wheel turns when you steer the wheels! If you need to adjust either of the two mirrors, simply click on them, and dial away! And, the Gas, Brake and Clutch Pedals can also be seleceted and moved for add realism!
  • Once driven to location, get that contract driver out of the cab because it's quiting time!
  • Tomorrow climb on up (please use the hand rails!), click on and turn the Latch and open the Cab Door (Body ERC) and get in. If you want to, swivel the Drivers Seat for ease of entry. In the cab you'll find a "dial" controllable knob to turn on the panel to your right (that panel with the two "dial" controllable Joysticks).
  • Easily ERC Dial to extend and lower the four Stabilizers. There are 4 ERCs for the Stabilizer Tubes, Arm, Pistons and Pads! Oh yeah! Because the Ground is a but rough this PLUS Set by Tiger 9166 even comes with 2x4 planks (props). Use the easy Prop !preloads and you can easily place stacks of planks under each of the Stabilizer Pads!
  • Ok, so now you're stable and can go to work. Simulate controlling all the BIG pieces using the Cab controls mentioned above and the two levers in the cab (one on each side of the steering wheel Console.
  • WARNING: THe hook is in its holder! Ease up on the cable tension (Super Hook figure Body ERC), get the hook out of the holder and rotate the holder down (Crane2012 figure Body ERC).
  • OK, so the cable is now safe, please rotate the cable into the vertical (Crane2012 figure Body ERC - Adjust Hook Angle) BTW: this is already done for you if you load the Crane2012TJM-SetUpSH figure!
  • Raise the Main Arm and extend either or both of the Mid or Inner Arms (Crane2012 figure Body ERCs). Notice that the hook stays in the vertical!
  • See the hints text file included to Fine Tune your pose and especially more details on how to move your Crane2012! YES, I have also included three different "figures" to load all with these adjustments made for you!
  • Rotate the Upper Platform (Crane2012 figure Body ERC) and Raise or Lower the Super Hook (Super Hook figure Body ERC) as you require.
WHEW! And, that's just the Crane! ...
  • Yes, there a posable Galvanized Bucket with Chain to put on your hook! AND, four handy posable Lift Rings with 1,2,3 or 4 Cables with hooks to latch onto about anything you want to lift in your scene (the hints text tells more on how to use these)!
  • Also, included are 2 4x4 beams, each with a unique texture and bump mat applied.
  • The final two items are Safety Cones, one short and one tall!
SO, in all you get:
  1. Crane2012TJM (articulated) - (5 varieties carefully pre-posed for you)
  2. Super Cable (articulated)
  3. Super Hook (articulated)
  4. Lift Ring with 4 Holders (articulated)
  5. Lift Ring with 3 Holders (articulated)
  6. Lift Ring with 2 Holders (articulated)
  7. Lift Ring with 1 Holder (articulated)
  8. Holder - Double Ended Hook with Simple Cable (articulated)
  9. 1 - 2x4 Plank
  10. 2 - 4x4 Beams
  11. 1 - 2x4 "Null" figure (for those of you who know how to use null objects or always wanted one)
  12. Galvanized Box Figure
  13. safety Cone
  14. Safety Cone Tall
Oh yeah ...
  1. A Scene File that loads the entire CRANE2012 PLUS Set at once
  2. 5 Static Poses
  3. 1 Animated pose (showing everything moving)
  4. A Driver Pose for Michael 4
  5. 20 Static Cameras PLUS an animation showing what moves on CRANE 2012
  6. 4 Poser 7+ Light Sets
  7. 3D Source .obj files and textures that can be used in other 3D Programs
  8. Poser 7+ Single Material Files (should work on earlier versions)
  9. Poser 7+ Material Collection Files
I hope that you will add this cool figure set to your collection! Have fun and animate away!

All promotional pictures where Firefly rendered in Poser v7! Vehicles, Trailers, Other Props, Terrains, Animals and Backgrounds not included.

copyright 2012 Tiger9166 - A product of Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Tiger9166 sets and items in them including all .obj and .jpg files are under licensing, see the license.txt file as you are agreeing to these terms when you purchase this set.