SWD Dasha


Blessed with exotic beauty and untamed charm, Dasha for Daz's Victoria 4.2 will become the instant Queen of your runtime. Her make-ups embody the bold, colorful spirit of the jungle, and enchanting call of the wild. Easily take her from subtle with a tiny touch of color to bright, bold, and on the prowl with ease for anything your heart desires. Add one of her many lip and eye colors to complete her look. Dasha can be your perfect Amazon Warrior or the Queen of the Urban Jungle.

Package Includes:

•01 Body Inj/Rem
•01 Head Inj/Rem
•01 Full Body Inj/Rem
•10 Make-Ups & Mat Poses
•10 Lips Colors & Mat Poses
•10 Eye Colors & Mat Poses
•01 Default Skin, Lip, and Face & Mat Poses
•Full Body Textures with all required Bump and Specular mats provided

*Mat Poses included for both Daz Studio and Poser. Some include shaders.*

Product Requirements for Proper Use:

•Daz Studio 3 or higher
•Poser 4 or higher
•Daz's Victora 4.2:
•Daz's Victoria 4.2 Morphs ++:

Additional Info:

•This is an add-on package. The Victoria 4.2 Figure, Morphs, Hair, Background, Poses, and Lights are not included.
•Dasha was tested and optimized for use in both Daz Studio 3 or higher and Poser Pro 4 or higher on PC. This product was not tested on a Mac.
•You MUST have Victoria 4.2 and Morphs ++ installed in order for the INJ/REM poses to work properly.

**NOTE: Render results may vary based on lighting choosen for your particular render and which software you use.**

If you happen to purchase this product, thank you very much and I hope you have as much fun creating with Dasha as I did creating her!