AA Candy for Victoria V4


Candy is a hand-sculpted head morph for Victoria 4 and is #48 in a series of Morph Collectibles by 3D sculptor, Andolaurina. Collect them all!

This head morph was meticulously hand-crafted for realism and to achieve Candy's distinctive beauty. This character is truly one of a kind!

Since no textures are included, you get this unique head morph for a fraction of the cost of a full character package.

Candy is shown with textures from V4 Elite Texture: Marie as well as fair-skinned textures (the hair is Kirke Hair in the dark-skinned promos and JLol hair in the fair-skinned promos), but you can use any textures you like with this gorgeous morph. No character textures, hair or backgrounds are included in this product.

** Please note that I've shown her in both dark and light textures. You can choose either one and she looks beautiful. This may be one of the most versatile morphs you'll ever own!


1 Hand-Sculpted Head Morph (no other morph packages are required)