The Frolex - Luxury/Spy Watch for Poser


What it is:
This is a super-spy multi-function wristwatch, with weapons, communication gear, etcetera. A "style" dial is located in the "case" group - this allows you to select among five different styles: Stainless steel, Steel and gold, All gold, Black Chrome, and Steel and Black Rubber. The hands and day/date dials are fully poseable and animateable, and the watch has several hidden super-spy goodies, including a knife blade, laser beam, communcation antenna, triangulation antenna, poison dart and hypodermic needle - all available on dials in the "case" group of the watch. "Fit" morphs are included to shape the watch-band to fit your favorite character's wrist.

Note: DAZ Studio not supported.

What you can do with it:
1) You're free to use these files in any render, non-commericial or commercial.
2) You may not sell the files themselves, either individually or as part of a compilation.
3) You may not re-post or distribute these files anywhere.

How to use it:
Extract this archive to your Poser runtime directory. The files will fall into the following directories:
The watch will appear under

After you've installed the files, open your software of choice. Load the watch, load your character, tweak the watch to fit, parent to the forearm, and away you go.

Please note that the watch is an independent figure, it does not conform. Instead, you must parent the watch to a character's forearm for it to move with them.

Who made it:
©2011 Jim Farris, All Rights Reserved