Toon Santa Complete 16


Toon Santa Collection 16 - Original Santa Claus for Poser & DAZ Studio


New December 9, 2016. Classic Red Santa for Norm 3d! Classic Red clothing, props and poses are also now available as an additional character based on Norm.

Toon Santa is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 8 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. Each year, a new version to Toon Santa is ADDED to the Toon Santa for Poser /DAZ Studio bundle. As of 2016, there are eleven distinct versions of Toon Santa, all included in this set!

Because Toon Santa is based on Chunk or Norm, all clothing is revised and removable, so you can switch and swap props and clothing easily. Plus, you benefit from all the advances of the most recent Chunk, available for free from

Toon Santa ™ is the lovable 3D Santa Claus created in love and respect for holiday traditions. If you grew up in the 70's in North America, you probably spent some quality hours in December watching the Rankin/Bass stop motion classics such as the Christmas Television Favorites Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and a Year without a Santa Claus (and a selection of more religious programming). Toon Santa was designed to capture the pure and simple joy of that early holiday programming. Toon Santa was originally designed in 2002.

Toon Santa plays a role in support of NORAD TRACKS SANTA, the NORAD website devoted to tracking Santa Claus, with Meshbox Design as corporate contributor to the multinational project located at

Young Santa

Before he was Santa Claus, Kris Kringle or Young Santa, had many adventures in his youth. Young Santa is a free adventurer who travels through the Many Worlds that Are, where he made new friends and learned much about himself along the way - and he also picked up a great deal of knowledge of magic.

Clothing & Props for Young Santa

  • Young Santa Belt and (2) Belt Pouches
  • Young Santa red leather tunic
  • Young Santa Boots
  • Young Santa Hooded Mantle
  • Young Santa Trousers
  • Young Santa Magic Reindeer Staff
  • Young Santa Beard
  • Young Santa Mustache
  • Young Santa Hair
  • Young Santa Wig (Beard + Mustache + Hair)

Poses for Young Santa

  • Reset
  • Cross Arms
  • Pray (Head Down)
  • Pray (Head Up)
  • Pray (Open Arms)
  • Sit Cross Legged
  • Sit Squat
  • Sleep on Back
  • Sprint
  • Stand at Rest
  • Track
  • Wave Hello

Fedoraville Santa

The googiest Santa yet is Fedoraville Santa, complete with a Santa-styled 1950s style suit. Fedoraville Santa goes perfectly with Christmas Village 15's googie, 1950s Fedoraville theme.

Clothing & Props for Fedoraville Santa

  • Fedora Hat (what else did you expect?)
  • Undershirt
  • 1950s style shoes
  • Properly creased Red trousers
  • Green slim work tie
  • Properly creased business jacket
  • Gold cufflinks
  • 1950s style chair
  • 1950s style pipe

Poses for Fedoraville Santa

  • Default
  • Standing and Gesturing with Pipe
  • Sitting and Smoking
  • Sitting Cross Legged
  • Doffing Hat
  • Driving Car

Wild West Santa

Is he time traveling again? Toon Santa is a re-imagining of Santa as a Wild West sheriff, complete with hat, vest and a shining golden star. He wears spurs, but he never uses them. He just likes the way they jingle.

Clothing & Props for Wild West Santa

  • Cowboy Hat. Textured and Santa white & red.
  • Wild West Neckerchief. Wipes of sweat when you need it.
  • Wild West Pants. Rough red cloth, possibly denim
  • Western Boots & Spurs. Spurs are optional and removable.
  • Leather Belt. Got to hold up his breeches.
  • Leather Vest. Lovely textured leather.
  • Wild West Santa's Sheriff's Star. All golden, with a nice message!

Poses for Wild West Santa

  • Default
  • Country Step Dance
  • Hat Over Heart
  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • Thumbs in Belt
  • Tipping Hat
  • Riding Toon Reindeer (3 versions)

Chef Santa

Chef Kringle, a distant relative of Santa, like Gentleman Santa, looks enough like Santa that they can trade places when Santa wants to get in the kitchen to whip up a pizza or bake a Christmas cake. Or is it simply another disguise for Toon Santa?

Clothing & Props for Chef Santa

  • White Chef's Coat. Long chef's protective coat with beautiful gold buttons
  • White Puffy Chef's Hat. Its puffy and it looks awesome!
  • Chef's Boots. Lighter versions of the traditional Santa boot
  • Chef's Neck Tie. A red bandana for wiping brows and generally looking Cheffy
  • Santa's Red Apron. He's always careful to wear one in the kitchen
  • Chef Santa Beard, Hair, Mustache & Eyebrows Props. Adds easily to Chunk Base and utilizes beautiful Poser displacements
  • Cake Tray Prop. Nice tray for carrying the Christmas cake to your table
  • Christmas Cake Prop. A red, white and holy decoration sugary white frosted Christmas cake
  • Cutting Board Prop. Suitable for chopping whatever Santa wants to chop!
  • Dish & Dish Cover Props. For bringing some tasty entree hot to the table
  • Pizza & Pizza Tray Props. Hot and steamy ultra cheese pizza from Chef Kringle's kitchen
  • Silver Tray Prop. For bringing whatever you want to the table
  • Rolling Pin Prop. Works great, but keep it away from Mrs Santa!
  • Knife & Spoon Props. Kitchen utensils Chef Kringle needs to get the job done.

Poses for Chef Santa

  • Chopping with Knife
  • Holding Tray with Christmas Cake
  • Holding up Tray with Dish
  • Holding up Tray with Pizza
  • Reset
  • Rolling Rolling Pin
  • Stirring the Pot
  • Tasting

Gentleman Santa

Gentleman Santa is another disguise for Toon Santa, or so he thinks, by dressing up in Victorian era clothing! Gentleman Santa includes two distinct versions of clothing - with Christmas textures and with Gentleman textures. Easily transform Toon Santa into a brand new persona, such as Mayor of North Pole Village! This also introduces a full head of hair and an original set of mustaches and muttonchops!

Clothing & Props for Gentleman Santa

  • Gentleman Santa Ascott - Because all Gentlemen need an ascott! (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Top Hat - Wonderful Victorian era top hat (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Long Formal Jacket - Patterned long jacket with gold buttons (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Vest - Patterned vest with gold buttons (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Trousers - Lovely long pants (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Victorian Shoes - Yes, those two toned shoes with buttons
  • Gentleman Santa Tucked and Untucked Shirts - White shirts, with one "untucked" for that messy morning look.
  • Genteman Santa Socks - Striped socks (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Suspenders - Don't lose your pants, Santa!
  • Gentleman Santa Arm Garters - For holding up your shirt cuffs!
  • Gentleman Santa Sock Garters - For holding up your socks!
  • Gentleman Santa Pajamas - Striped, knee length classic jammies (with Gentleman and Christmas textured versions)
  • Gentleman Santa Muttonchops - A new beard type for Toon Santa - Awesome muttonchops
  • Gentleman Santa Moustache - A matching new mustache to go with the muttonchops
  • Gentleman Santa Hair Cap - A full head of white hair
  • Gentleman Santa Monocle - A single lens with gold chain
  • Gentleman Santa Eyebrows - White eyebrows with new textures, less bushy than standard

Poses for Gentleman Santa

  • Bowing and Tipping Hat
  • Clapping Hands
  • Hands Behind Back
  • Reset
  • Smoking and Talking
  • Standing with Cane
  • Walking with Cane
  • Wind Blast (Being Blasted by Wind)

Father Christmas

The British Santa! Father Christmas includes an all new outfit and props!

Clothing & Props for Father Christmas

  • Father Christmas Boots - Short, buckled boots designed especially for Father Christmas
  • Father Christmas Trousers - Worn under the robe, uniquely patterned
  • Father Christmas Belt - a wrap style belt
  • Father Christmas Shirt - a patterned, beautiful silver buttoned shirt
  • Father Christmas Robe - Beautifully textured, long robe
  • Father Christmas Holly Head Wreath- A beautiful seasonal wreath object worn instead of a hat
  • Father Christmas Staff - a long staff prop with lantern on one end
  • Santa's Throne Prop - a beautiful white, red and golden throne

Poses for Father Christmas

  • Asleep in the Throne
  • Asleep in the Throne for Cloak
  • Holding Snowball
  • Reset (Figure)
  • Reset (Cloak)
  • Shining Staff Light
  • Sitting and Holding Staff
  • Sitting (for Cloak)
  • Walking with Staff (For Cloak)
  • Walking with Staff

Steampunk Santa

Because you simply have to have a Steampunk Santa - last of the color themed Santas, this "Leather" Santa comes with a special new type of hair texture too, plus lots of great poses to work with various steampunk devices.

Clothing & Props for Steampunk Santa

  • Leather Steampunk Santa Coat
  • Leather Steampunk Santa Pants
  • Leather Steampunk Gloves
  • Classic Belt
  • Classic Boots
  • Steampunk Gizmo CoveredTop Hat
  • Steampunk Walking Stick
  • Steampunk Goggles
  • Classic Fluffy Eyebrows
  • Classic Hair
  • Hairy Morphing Beard

Poses for Steampunk Santa

  • Belly Laugh
  • Bow (3 types)
  • Standing with Walking Stick
  • Driving Car *
  • Steering Time Machine*
  • Steering Zeppelin*
  • Walking & Whistling
  • Reset

Notes on Steampunk Santa

  • Steering Car, Steering Time Machine and Steering Zeppelin poses work with the vehicles included in Toon Santa's Christmas Village 2010.

Ice Mountain Santa

Light gray themed Ice Mountain Santa loves to visit the extra wintery Ice Mountain settlement in Christmas Land for some skiing and visiting the Ice Mountain elves.

Clothing & Props for Ice Mountain Santa

  • Ice Mountain Clothing - Boots, Coat, Gloves, Pants
  • Ushanka Hat Prop - Fluffy white Russian style fur cap for wintery slopes
  • Snowball Prop - A simple snowball for throwing
  • Ski Poles Props - Bright Red Ski Poles
  • Skis Prop - A pair of yellow skis to go along with the poles
  • Toon Santa's Ski Goggles - Protective glass ski goggles

Poses for Ice Mountain Santa

  • Hit by Snowball
  • Look Distant
  • Ski Accident
  • Ski Jump
  • Ski Push
  • Throwing Snowball
  • Zero (reset)

Notes on Ice Mountain Santa

  • Ski Accident, Ski Jump and Ski Push Poses require use of the Ski Poles and Skis Props in this set
  • Throwing Snowball requires the use of the Snowball Prop

Train Conductor Santa

Dark blue themed Conductor Santa is always watching his watch, making sure the trains are running on time through Christmas Land.

Clothing & Props for Train Conductor Santa

  • Blue Conductor Clothing - Boots, Coat, Gloves, Pants
  • Conductor's Cap Prop - Gold plated, blue conductor's cap
  • Toon Santa's Hat Prop - Blue version of the classic hat
  • Conductor's Lamp Prop - An old style train lamp for outside use
  • Toon Santa's Glasses Prop - A new pair of gold rimmed glasses
  • Toon Santa's Pocket Watch - Every conductor needs an accurate pocket watch

Poses for Train Conductor Santa

  • Tipping Hat
  • Holding Out Lamp (side)
  • Holding Out Lamp (front)
  • Looking at Pocket Watch
  • Putting on Glasses
  • Calling Out

King of the North Pole Santa

Golden themed King of the North Pole Santa wears this alternative to his red outfit during casual court sessions in North Pole village. He doesn't often have to take up the mantle of King of the North Pole.

Clothing & Props for King of the North Pole Santa

  • Yellow Clothing - Boots, Coat, Gloves, Pants and Santa Hat
  • Jeweled, Golden Crown Prop - As king of the North Pole, he sometimes has to wear a traditional crown.
  • Guitar Prop - You knew he could play, didn't you?
  • Pipe Prop - Yes, Santa still has a bad habit or two

Poses for King of the North Pole Santa

  • Singing and Playing Guitar (2)
  • Reset
  • Smoking

Classic Red Santa

World famous Classic Red Santa is the original 3D Santa Claus for Poser and DAZ Studio

Clothing & Props for Classic Red Santa

  • Red Classic Clothing - Boots, Coat, Gloves, Pants and Santa Hat

Poses for Classic Red Santa

  • Happy Dance
  • Hat in Hand
  • Live Long
  • Naughty List
  • Praying
  • Shouting
  • Simple Stroll
  • Sneezing Hat
  • Sneezing
  • Wishfu Thinking
  • Reset

About Toon Santa™

If you grew up in the 70's in North America, you probably spent some quality hours in December watching the Rankin/Bass stop motion classics such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and a Year without a Santa Claus (and a selection of more religious programming). Rankin/Bass vision did not seem to translate well into the era of computer animation - the one attempt to make an all computer animated sequel to Rudoph didnt capture the warmth of the old Rankin/Bass classics. Toon Santa is our humble offering - a warm, friendly and uncomplicated holiday character in the same spirit as those original stop motion characters - and bring it to the world of Poser.

In 2005, the simple joy of Toon Santa found its way to the Norad Santa website - NORAD is the government agency that tracks Santa's route each Christmas.