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AtoZ_Massive_Observation_Deck_#1_v1_by Tiger9166
Pretty much a sealed windowless series of structures which is just great underground... When Massive Topside was released at least you got a way to get out! Later Tiger9166 made an Octagonal Articuated "Opening" Flight Deck. And a little later, Tiger9166 offered you a nifty way to not only control how you curved your Massives, but also a neat section that opened. BUT you still couldn't just "open the shutters and look out" YES, NOW yu caan Introducing the Massive Observation Deck!

This is a fully decked and staircased Observation Deck. Also included is a set of articulated security shutters!

You can use this Massive addition as a flight, battle or operations vantage point! Or whatever you decide! ... Also included are a Sound Barrier, lights and suppports and two Preloads, one decked out with the works and one that includes just the Obserrvation Deck with a loaded and parented set of shutters.

You won't be disappointed or have to wait for a texture collection release as this set included not only a default texture, but also a worn and dirty look, rusty and abandonded AND a Steampunk texture. These can easily be applied using included MAT poses! ( also an ADD-ON Bonus included for owners of AtoZ DetailTime Cubicles #1 v1)
Retail Price $18.99 ... Almost alwways on sale! ENJOY!
  • Massive Observation Deck Full Set Preload
  • Massive Observation Deck and Shutters Preload
  • Massive Observation Deck non-articulated
  • Massive Observation Deck Shutters articulated
  • BONUS ADD-ON for AtoZ DetailTime Cubicles #1 v1 ... not show in any promo pics! ... Cubicle 4 2017 (NO GEOMETRY INCUDED) Special EZ to Adjust Height Edition!
  • Massive Office Sound Barrier Divider
  • Massive Office Light 1
  • Massive Office Light 2
  • Massive Office Light 3
  • Massive Office Light Support
  • Massive Office Light 1 set with supports for the "far" walkway
  • Massive Office Light 1 set with supports for the "near" walkway
  • Massive Office Light 2 set for Observation Deck Ceiling
  • Massive Office Light 1 Support #1 Smart load
  • Massive Office Light 1 Support #2 Smart load
  • Massive Office Light 1 with both Supports loaded
  • Massive Observation Deck Default Metal
  • Massive Observation Deck Dirty
  • Massive Observation Deck Rusty
  • Massive Observation Deck Steampunk (Sp)
  • Massive Observation Deck Shutters Default Metal
  • Massive Observation Deck Shutters Dirty
  • Massive Observation Shutters Deck Rusty
  • Massive Observation Shutters Deck Steampunk (Sp)
  • Massive Office Sound Barrier Divider Default
  • Massive Office Sound Barrier Divider Dirty
  • Massive Office Sound Barrier Divider Rusty
  • Massive Office Sound Barrier Divider Steampunk
  • Massive Office Light 1 Default
  • Massive Office Light 1 Dirty
  • Massive Office Light 1 Rusty
  • Massive Office Light 1 Steampunk
  • Massive Office Light 2 Default
  • Massive Office Light 2 Dirty
  • Massive Office Light 2 Rusty
  • Massive Office Light 2 Steampunk
  • Massive Office Light 3 Default
  • Massive Office Light 3 Dirty
  • Massive Office Light 3 Rusty
  • Massive Office Light 3 Steampunk
  • Massive Office Light Support Default
  • Massive Office Light Support Dirty
  • Massive Office Light Support Rusty
  • Massive Office Light Support Steampunk
  • BONUS-ADD-ON for Cubicle 4
  • Geometries>TJM>Construction>MassiveCont
  • Textures>TJM>Construction>MassiveCont
  • Textures>TJM>
    • character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Observation Deck
    • Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Observation Deck
    • Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Office
    • Props>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Smart>Smart Office
    • Poses>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Observation Deck
    • Poses>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Plus>Office

If you add this Massive Set to your library... Thank you in advance!

Legal Stuff:
Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ All Rights Reserved
License file included.
Note: Photos, Buildings, 3D Terrains, Vehicles, Characters, Animals, Zombies, Muzzle Flashes and other items seen in the Product Images and videos that are NOT listed above are NOT included! This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.


Seller: AtoZ


Date Released: Jan 31 2017

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: 3D:Materials & Shaders, 3D:Scenes & Props, Themes:Sci-Fi & Space

Keywords: A2Z, massive, deck, observation, divider, lights, support, office, panel, staircase, walkway

Software: Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4.8+

Required: for cubicle 4 2017 - A2Z Cubicles 1 v1


Product ID: 23587

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