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MATWriter Panel 2014

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MATWriter Panel 2014


  • Compact, Dockable Panel that allows you to Easily Save different types of Material Files and Manipulate Existing Materials on Figures and Props.
    • Works with Figures, Smart Props, Hair and Standalone Props.
    • Apply Functions and Save Material Files for Only The Materials You Select in the Materials List.
    • Have the Panel Open in as Many Rooms as you Want! Includes Fitting Room support.
    • State, Position and Size are saved per Room and across Poser sessions.
    • MWP can fill all available space when docked or be set to a static height.
    • Optimized to work Safely and Accurately when starting a New Scene or opening an Existing One.
  • Brand New Interface that has Frequent Features at your Fingertips.
    • Configuration Menu is now found via a Widget at the top left. These are Options you only change every once in a while (Interface Colors, Fonts, Tooltip Style, etc).
    • Shows Selected Object along with a Convenient Objects Menu which allows you to quickly Switch Between Figures and Props in the Scene. This also changes as you select Scene items in Poser.
    • Close Button found at the top right for hiding MWP when you don't need it.
    • Optional Material Entry Area used as the Name when Saving Material Files.
    • Clear Button for Erasing the Material Entry Name. Works like the C-Button on a Calculator.
    • Material Names Menu (Right-Arrow Widget) that can be used to Store frequently used Material File Names. Selecting a stored Name from the List replaces the existing Material Entry Name and puts the focus and the mouse cursor right behind it. This allows it to be easily used to store “Partial” Names.
      • You can Delete as many Stored Names as you Like via a Checkbox Selection Dialog.
    • Materials List shows all the Actual Materials used by the selected Figure or Prop.
      • Materials are shown alphabetically.
      • First Material in the List is Selected by default.
      • Only Materials that are available to the Geometry of the Figure or Prop are shown – no “phantom” materials.
      • A variety of Special Functions (listed further below) are available when selecting one or more Materials and Right-Clicking.
      • You can Click+Drag to make multiple selections or Click a material and Shift-Click another material further down the list. Control-Clicking adds or removes selections.
    • A Trio of MAT Writing Buttons, one for each type of Material File.
      • Supports Materials Collections (mc6, along with single mt5), MAT Pose Files (pz2) and DAZ Studio 3.0 and higher compliant .dsa files.
      • Right-Clicking any Button gives you a Convenient List of Recently Used Folders.
      • You can opt to Browse the Top-Level folder of the Current Runtime via Right-Click.
    • Version Number Entry Field allows you to quickly change the Version Number of Written mc6, mt5 and pz2 files.
    • A Thumbnail Button is available that only creates Thumbnails when checked. You can toggle this on and off at will.
    • An MT5 Button is available that creates mt5 files when clicking the MC6 Button and only one Material in the Materials List is selected. This can be toggled on and off at will.
    • An Informative Status Indicator is shown at the bottom.
    • To the right of the Status Indicator is a Reload Textures Button. It will reload all of the textures in the Scene when pressed.
  • Quick and Powerful Material File Writing.
    • Under General Usage, the various parts Work Together to allow you to Easily Write Material Files.
      • The Material Entry Area is the base name of your Material File.
      • The Selections in the Materials List are the Materials that are Written.
      • Pressing a MAT Writing Button combines the two parts, above, automatically adds the extension and saves the Material File in the Last Folder you chose.
    • Clearing the Name in the Material Entry Area automatically switches MWP to Browse and Save Mode. This is optional and can be turned off.
    • Browse and Save shows a File-Saving Dialog that allows you to choose which folder to save your Material File in.
      • You can also switch to Browse and Save, even when a Name is in the Material Entry Area by holding Control while pressing a Material Writing Button. Alternatively, you can always use Browse and Save by activating the Always Browse function.
    • MWP now Writes DSA files for DAZ Studio version 3.1 and higher.
      • When writing DSA files you can set up the Lighting Models use for various Material Names (Plastic, Metallic and so forth) and set the Minimum and Maximum Bump/Displacement values.
      • Materials Written for DAZ Studio are more accurate than loading Poser Material Files directly in DS. Written DSA files are mathematically accurate according to the values shown in Poser but may require some manual tweaking. Full Nodes beyond direct connection to Image Maps are not converted.
  • New Integrated Tools and Functions, available when Right-Clicking any number of entries in the Materials List:
    • Basic Copy and Paste Functions. Copy and single Material from the List and Paste to one or more selected Materials, even across other Figures and Props. Material Names are ignored when Pasting.
    • Copy/Paste Special Functions:
      • Multi-Copy and Multi-Paste. Copy One or More Materials and Paste to Any number of Selected Materials, even across other Figures or Props. In this case, only Matching Material Names are affected.
      • Apply PZ2/MC6 to Selected. Basically, this allows you to turn any Material Collection (mc6) or MAT Pose (pz2) into a Partial Material File. Load the Materials from one of these Poser files to only the Selected Materials that you choose!
      • Apply MT5 Across Selections. This allows you to quickly apply a Single Material File (mt5) across any number of Selected Materials.
    • Create, Load and Save Selection Presets. Presets allow you to automatically select pre-defined Materials in the List via a Single Click.
      • Conveniently displayed as a drop-down list.
      • Presets are saved intelligently, keyed to the Figure or Prop's Geometry file. This allows you to save Presets that can be used across Characters or Sculpts based on a Specific Figure, for example.
      • Easily Delete one or more Presets via a Checkbox dialog.
      • A virtually unlimited number of Presets can be created.
    • PoserSurface Editor tool that allows you to quickly change Colors, Values and Toggled Options on the PoserSurface Node across One or More Materials at one time!
      • Visual All-In-One Display that resembles the Material Room's PoserSurface Node.
      • Change Diffuse, Specular, Highlight, Ambient, Transparency, Reflection, Refraction, Bump, Displacement, Alternate Diffuse, Alternate Specular Values, Colors and much more.
      • Automatically refreshes the Scene display.
      • Visual indicators show whether or not a channel is connected to a node and, if possible, the name of that node. Please note that you cannot manipulate these nodes via PoserSurface Editor.
      • Replaces all the Set Color and Set Value utilities previously in MATWriter Panel.
      • Color Picking uses a New Enhanced Color Dialog Window (see further below).
      • Caveat: The Bump and Displacement Surface Channels assume that you are using Poser Native Units as your measurement.
    • Image Map Manager tool that allows you to manipulate Image Maps across One or More Materials at one time!
      • Image Preview, Dimensions and Number of Instances of that Image are prominently displayed. Please note that Image Preview is not available for some image types.
      • Swap In other Image Maps quickly and easily. This allows you to retain your own custom Material Room settings and simply change Image Maps.
      • Apply Image Maps to Materials that don't have them assigned. Imported Images are connected to the standard Diffuse Color Channel.
      • Generate Low-Res versions of any Image Map by creating smaller dimension versions. Only common graphic types are supported (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc). Lossy Image Types are produced at 100% quality.
      • Set Texture Filtering (None, Fast, Quality, Crisp) on a Per-Image Basis.
      • Set Gamma Settings per Image (either Current Render Settings or a Custom Value). Custom Value defaults at 1.0.
    • Texture Inventory tool that will produce an inventory of image types used across Selected Materials, All Materials or the Entire Scene.
      • Great for checking to make sure you have all the right Image Maps loaded, for your own use or for production work.
      • Lists Alphabetically and sorted by Image Type (JPG, BMP, PSD, etc).
      • Can Output to a Text File or the Screen.
      • Previously available as a Plugin.
    • Reset Materials (Set to White) function. This will set all Selected Materials to a default white Diffuse Color, with Basic, Standard Values, Black Highlights.
    • Hide Materials (Set Transparent) function. This will set all Selected Materials to a Transparent state, so that they are hidden when Rendering.
    • Random Material Color function. Sets all the Diffuse Colors to a Random Color. Great for illustrating Material Zones present on a Model.
    • Remove Detatched Nodes function. You can clean up rogue, floating Nodes on Command across as many Materials as you wish.
    • Active Select function. This ability allows Single Material selections in MWP to automatically select that Material in the Material Room. Can be toggled on an off at will.
    • File Writing functions. This allows you a list of changes to how Materials are Written and Handled by MWP.
      • This is now conveniently placed in the Functions menu instead of hunting for it in the Configuration menu.
      • You can set a File Writing Confirmation, that requires you to confirm when any Material File is written, regardless if it exists or not.
      • You can set a File Overwrite Confirmation, that requires you to confirm then any Material File is written and already exists.
      • You can set a Thumbnail Overwrite Confirmation, that requires you to confirm when an existing Thumbnail may be overwritten.
      • You can set the Material Buttons to Browse and Save when clicked, if the Material Name is empty.
      • You can have MWP Browse and Save at all times, regardless of any condition. In this case, if the Material Name exists, it will be used as the recommended file name.
      • You can check for and Remove Detatched Nodes automatically when writing a Material File.
    • Thumbnail functions. This allows you a variety of different ways to handle Thumbnail creation.
      • You can set Thumbnails to be Rendered, using the current Render Settings, versus a standard Screen “snapshot”.
      • You can set the dimensions of all created thumbnails. The default is 91x91. It is highly recommended that your scene ratio match the thumbnail ratio and under Poser's Render Dimensions you are using “Render to exact resolution”.
      • At any time, you can Reset the Thumbnail Size to 91x91
    • Recent Folder tweaks.
      • You can set All Recent Lists to sort Alphabetically or be shown in the order that they were added.
      • You can set the Max Number of Entries of All Lists from 5 to 25. The default is 10.
      • You can Clear All Recent Lists at one time!
  • Enhanced Color Picking Tool!
    • Can be used when choosing MWP UI Colors, using the PoserSurface Editor or as a Stand-Alone Tool.
    • New Custom Colors Feature.
      • Retain up to 16 Custom Colors across Poser Sessions.
      • Create, Save and Load your Own Color Palettes for Poser projects.
      • Fill the Custom Colors by dragging and dropping the main color to the Color Slot with your Mouse! (shows a paintbrush cursor)
    • New Hue, Saturation and Brightness Sliders for Mixing Colors.
      • Hue, Saturation and Brightness Values follow Photoshop standards.
    • RGB and HSB controls have Spinners.
    • HTML Hex value can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the label text.
      • Allows you to use this tool with Standalone Color Pickers.
  • You have access to Recent Folders and Special Functions when Right-Clicking any Material Writing Button.
    • The current Material Folder for that button is promptly displayed in bold text.
    • You can Browse and Save to a New Folder, regardless of any options set. The starting folder is the last folder used for that button.
    • You can Browse and Save in the Current Runtime. This starts at the most relevant top-level directory for the Material Writing Button (the core Material or Pose Folder). Only Poser's native Library is supported for determining the Current Runtime.
    • A List of 10 of the most Recent Folders are shown and you can switch to older entries at any time.
    • You can choose a New Folder without Saving anything.
    • You can choose a New Folder from the Current Runtime without Saving anything.
    • You can Clear the Recent List for that particular Material Writing Button.
  • MATWriter Panel has many Advanced Display Options.
    • Features a native Poser look by default.
    • Material Writing Buttons have highlight effects on mouse-over (Windows only).
    • You are able to change the color of various areas of the utility to suit your own sense of color and style and even pick a different font size.
    • You can have different colors and font size per Poser Room.
    • Support for Color Schemes, allowing you to save the Current Colors as a Scheme File and share them with others via Import and Export features.  Available Schemes are available in a convenient drop-down list.
  • There are Tooltips (on mouse-over) in various areas of the script to help newbies and veterans alike. You can customize what kind of information to be shown and where to show it.
  • A Fully Illustrated PDF Guide is Included and always available via MWP's "Help" Menu Item.


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Date Released: Aug 18 2016

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