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Life and Undeath of Gunther for P11 Paul

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Life and Undeath of Gunther for P11 Paul


Life and Undeath of Gunther for Poser 11 Paul by Cyllan Gunther was a rather nondescript young man in life, the sort of person you'd pass on the street wothout comment. He made up for this with his death, however, which was a very gory affair and drew plenty of notice. For Gunther, however, death is just the beginning - he has no intention of taking it lying down.... This pack includes textures for the living, healthy Gunther, and the somewhat less healthy and very dead Gunther. Software Required: Poser 11+, included P11 content:Paul, Paul's Jeans shorts and undershirt Product Type: Skin and clothing textures Archive File Size: 28.2 Mb in one zip file Featuring: Realistic skin texture created from photographs, with texture and bmp maps for the healthu, live Gunther. Skin texture (oddly enough also created mostly from photographs, but don't ask what of) of the zombie Gunther, with texture and bmp maps Glowing veins option for zombie texture, for lurking in dark corners... Integral hair options for both zombie and live textures Bald options for both zombie and live textures Genital textures for both live and zombie versions Fourteen eye textures, including healthy and zombie styles Clean and grave-stained textures for Paul's Jeans Shorts and Undershirt Poser 11 skin shaders loaded through supplied mc6 material collections Arm textures are 4096x4096 Body textures are 4096x4096 Eye textures are 4096x4096 Head textures are 4096x4096 Genital textures are 4096x096 Lash transparency is 2018x2048 Leg textures are 4096x4096 Mouth textures are 4096x4096 Shorts textures are 4096x4096 Undershirt textures are 4096x4096 Tooth texture is 1000x1000 Notes: File list: ================================================================================== ..Runtime\Libraries\Materials\Paul-Gunther\ -Healthy-Default-All.mc6 -Healthy-Default-All.png -Zombie-Default-All.mc6 -Zombie-Default-All.png -Zombie-Glowing-All.mc6 -Zombie-Glowing-All.png Cornea-Cloudy.mc6 Cornea-Cloudy.png Cornea-Healthy.mc6 Cornea-Healthy.png Eyes-BlankSore.mc6 Eyes-BlankSore.png Eyes-BlankWhite.mc6 Eyes-BlankWhite.png Eyes-Blue.mc6 Eyes-Blue.png Eyes-BlueCataract.mc6 Eyes-BlueCataract.png Eyes-Grey.mc6 Eyes-Grey.png Eyes-GreyCataract.mc6 Eyes-GreyCataract.png Eyes-Red.mc6 Eyes-Red.png Eyes-RedCataract.mc6 Eyes-RedCataract.png Eyes-SoreBlue.mc6 Eyes-SoreBlue.png Eyes-SoreBlueCataract.mc6 Eyes-SoreBlueCataract.png Eyes-SoreGrey.mc6 Eyes-SoreGrey.png Eyes-SoreGreyCataract.mc6 Eyes-SoreGreyCataract.png Eyes-SoreRed.mc6 Eyes-SoreRed.png Eyes-SoreRedCataract.mc6 Eyes-SoreRedCataract.png Genitals-Healthy.mc6 Genitals-Healthy.png Genitals-Zombie.mc6 Genitals-Zombie.png Head-Healthy-Bald.mc6 Head-Healthy-Bald.png Head-Healthy-Hair.mc6 Head-Healthy-Hair.png Head-Zombie-Bald.mc6 Head-Zombie-Bald.png Head-Zombie-Glowing-Bald.mc6 Head-Zombie-Glowing-Bald.png Head-Zombie-Glowing-Hair.mc6 Head-Zombie-Glowing-Hair.png Head-Zombie-Hair.mc6 Head-Zombie-Hair.png JeanShorts-Clean.mc6 JeanShorts-Clean.png JeanShorts-Dirty.mc6 JeanShorts-Dirty.png Nails-Natural.mc6 Nails-Natural.png Nails-Yellow.mc6 Nails-Yellow.png TeethGumsTongue-Decay.mc6 TeethGumsTongue-Decay.png TeethGumsTongue-Healthy.mc6 TeethGumsTongue-Healthy.png Undershirt-Clean.mc6 Undershirt-Clean.png Undershirt-Dirty.mc6 Undershirt-Dirty.png ..Runtime\Readme\Cyllan\Paul\ cyllan-PaulGunthersUndeath.txt Cyllan_License.txt ..Runtime\Textures\Cyllan\Paul\Zombie\ cy2Paularms1.jpg cy2Paularms1b.jpg cy2Paularms2.jpg cy2Paularms2b.jpg cy2Paularms2g.jpg cy2Paulbody1.jpg cy2Paulbody1b.jpg cy2Paulbody1s.jpg cy2Paulbody2.jpg cy2Paulbody2b.jpg cy2Paulbody2g.jpg cy2Paulbody2s.jpg cy2Pauleye1.jpg cy2Pauleye10.jpg cy2Pauleye11.jpg cy2Pauleye12.jpg cy2Pauleye13.jpg cy2Pauleye14.jpg cy2Pauleye2.jpg cy2Pauleye3.jpg cy2Pauleye4.jpg cy2Pauleye5.jpg cy2Pauleye6.jpg cy2Pauleye7.jpg cy2Pauleye8.jpg cy2Pauleye9.jpg cy2Paulgens1.jpg cy2Paulgens1b.jpg cy2Paulgens1t.jpg cy2Paulgens2.jpg cy2Paulhead1.jpg cy2Paulhead1b.jpg cy2Paulhead1s.jpg cy2Paulhead2.jpg cy2Paulhead2b.jpg cy2Paulhead2g.jpg cy2Paulhead2s.jpg cy2Paulhead3.jpg cy2Paulhead3b.jpg cy2Paulhead3s.jpg cy2Paulhead4.jpg cy2Paulhead4b.jpg cy2Paulhead4g.jpg cy2Paulhead4s.jpg cy2Paullashes1.jpg cy2Paullegs1.jpg cy2Paullegs1b.jpg cy2Paullegs2.jpg cy2Paullegs2b.jpg cy2Paullegs2g.jpg cy2Paulmouth1.jpg cy2Paulmouth2.jpg cy2PaulPartedSide1.jpg cy2Paulshorts1.jpg cy2Paulshorts1b.jpg cy2Paulshorts2.jpg cy2Paulshorts2b.jpg cy2Paulundershirt1.jpg cy2Paulundershirt1b.jpg cy2Paulundershirt1t.jpg cy2Paulundershirt2.jpg cy2Paulundershirt2b.jpg


Seller: cyllan

Artist: cyllan

Date Released: Jul 02 2016

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: 3D:Character Morphs & Textures, 3D:Clothing & Textures, 3D:Humans & Anatomy, Themes:Fantasy

Keywords: Paul, skin, clothing.clothes, texture, character, undead, zombie, dead, horror, halloween, textures, wound

Software: Poser 11

Required: Poser 11 Paul


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