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FBI Agents for Norm

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FBI Agents for Norm


About FBI Agents for Norm™

FBI Agents for Norm™ brings to life any FBI investigation! This clothing, props and pose pack transforms the free Norm character into investigation or crime scene investigators of the FBI, complete with realistic FBI jackets and hats, plus all the equipment you expect them to have. Start your investigation!

FBI Agents for Norm™ works with Poser 7+ and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher and requires Norm (Norm not included, but free from Toon People). FBI Agents for Norm™ includes specialized props, 29 texture and bump maps, and customizations to Norm. Most objects also include OBJ versions for easy customization.

ALSO includes Undercity Volume 1 Backgrounds Collection Indie Version ($7.50 value), a collection of 24 1200 x 800 professional backgrounds you can use to make your crime scene artwork!

FBI Agents for Norm™ Included Clothes

  • FBI Coat Female (two types: 1) conforming, incorporated and 2) dynamic ready)
  • FBI Coat Male (two types: 1) conforming, incorporated and 2) dynamic ready)
  • FBI Crime Scene Gloves
  • FBI Blue Hat
  • FBI Gray Hat

Fully compatible with base Norm model.

FBI Agents for Norm™ Included Props

  • FBI Issue Glock Pistol with movable barrel, cartridge and bullets
  • FBI ID/ Badge (two types: folding character version, standard prop version)
  • FBI Laminate ID
  • Belt Holster
  • Evidence Bag (dials: open / close; flatten)
  • Inmate Property Bag (dials: open / close; flatten)
  • Smart Phone

Fully compatible with base Norm model.

FBI Agents for Norm™ Included Poses

  • Default / Reset
  • Handing Over Evidence
  • One Handed Shooting Gun (standing)
  • Reaching for Gun (from side holster)
  • Receiving Evidence
  • Show Badge Low
  • Show Badge Stretch (stretching out arm)
  • Texting on Smart Phone

Fully compatible with base Norm model.

About Norm™

Norm is a FREE model from the Toon People™ series from Meshbox Design, a series of toon styled human character models compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio. Norm and Norma, the male and female characters of Norm, are regularly updated with new expressions, morphs and clothing. You too can make your own characters based on the FREE Norm character under the included license. You can find Norm on the Toon People website. Also check out other free characters such as Chunk™ and Slim™.


Seller: meshbox

Artist: Meshbox

Date Released: Aug 08 2014

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: 3D:Character Morphs & Textures, 3D:Creatures, 3D:Humans & Anatomy, Themes:World Culture & History

Keywords: FBI, Agents, Spies, Investigator, CSI, Crime Scene, Norm, Toon People

Software: Poser 7+/DS 4.5+



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