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Tower of Divination - Towers of Magic

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Tower of Divination - Towers of Magic


About Tower of Divination

The Tower of Divination is a high hall of students of Divination Magic - the calling forth of visions of future and past and the revelation of secrets. The roof is where the circle of diviners, lead by the High Master of the hall - utilize both natural and supernatural means utilizing the circle of divination stones found there. This multi-floored model includes a great hall, the hall of learning, the master diviners council hall, master's private quarters and library - view the first Diviner's portrait, or experiment with his books and crystals. One floor is open to the air, allowing passage over the wizards bridges and the landing of flying mounts.

The color of power of the Tower of Divination is orange. It is opposed by the Tower of Conjuration.

About Towers of Magic Volume 1

The Towers of Magic are each member schools in the Order, the most high order of wizardry. Each tower represents a specific school of magic known to players of the world's most popular role-playing game. Some say each of school is equal, yet the Tower of Illusion and the Tower of Necromancy seem to vey for supremacy - with the Tower of Illusion having the upper hand because of those who fear the power of the dark powers. This release includes all new geometry, props, and improved texturing.


bed, opened book, closed book, bookcase, case, chair, crystal (2), crystal ball, door(2), magic light, standalone painting, wizard's staff, complete building


The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you

Tower of Divination for Blender

This set is compatible with Blender 2.7.1 and higher.

  • 29 texture and bump maps
  • Blender .blend file
  • Meshbox Art License

Tower of Divination for Poser & DAZ Studio

This set is compatible with Poser 7 or higher and DAZ Studio 4 and higher.

  • 29 texture and bump maps
  • Complete Building
  • doors attached to dials: open and shut (use limits, 90 to -90 degrees)
  • Separate OBJ versions of building
  • Organized Runtime
  • Art License

version has an organized runtime, with separate props (pp2), character based models (c) and separate OBJ versions of the building.

Tower of Divination for Shade

This set is compatible with Shade 12 or higher.

  • 29 texture and bump maps
  • Organized Shade 12+ SHD file
  • Meshbox Art License

Tower of Divination for Vue

This set is compatible with Vue 6 or higher.

  • 29 texture and bump maps
  • Vue VOB 6 object version of model
  • Meshbox Art License

Tower of Divination for Bryce

This set is compatible with Bryce 5.5 and higher.

  • 29 texture and bump maps incorporated into BR5
  • Bryce BR5 Model
  • Meshbox Art License


Seller: meshbox

Artist: Meshbox

Date Released: Jul 11 2017

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: 3D:Materials & Shaders, 3D:Scenes & Props, Themes:Fantasy

Keywords: Towers of Magic, Tower of Divination, R2, Wizardry, Magic User, Meshbox

Software: Poser 7+ | DAZ Studio 4.5+, Blender 2.7.5, Vue 8+, Shade 14+, Bryce 7+



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Digital File Info

Poser 6+/Daz Studio 4+ Version166 MB
Shade 12+ Version1180 MB
Vue 6+ Version198 MB
Bryce 5.5+ Version1140 MB
Blender 2.7.1 or higher184 MB