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AA Yua for Terai Yuki 2 - Anime Girl for TY2

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AA Yua for Terai Yuki 2 - Anime Girl for TY2


AA Yua is gorgeous new character pack for e-frontier's Terai Yuki 2 figure! Her adorable anime features, meticulously crafted textures and shaders and loads of options will make her the new star of your runtime!

Yua's face was hand-sculpted by Andolaurina, making her a uniquely stunning anime-style beauty.

And, she features special shaders, including a full set of state-of-the-art subsurface scattering options for Poser 9+ as well as default shaders for Poser 7 and 8, that will give you beautiful renders time after time under a wide range of lighting.

I have also used shaders wherever possible to cut down on the bulk of jpg/png textures included with this package...keeping your runtime lean and mean and the price low! :-)

She's loaded with options, including a texture set, 14 alternate eyeshadow options, 2 eyeliner with blush options, 33 eye colors, 32 lip colors (plus no lipstick option and gloss only), 121 nail shaders (decorative and solid), 1 adorable head morph and 3 ear options (1 normal and 2 elf ears).

NOTE: No genital or nipple texture details are on the texture maps.


1 Custom Head Morph File (INJ/REM pz2 files) -- TO USE: Just load Terai Yuki 2 - If you're using Poser 7+, I included a "Python Inject" version of the morph that will create a new channel - If you're using Poser 6 or below (or DAZ Studio), I included an INJ that will inject the morph into an existing, blank channel.

3 Ear Morph Options - 1 Default Yua Regular Human Ears - 2 Hand-sculpted Elf Ear Options (These inject into existing, blank channels)

1 Full Body Texture Set (Includes MC6 and PZ2 files to apply all textures) - Option for Poser 7-8 version (does not include Subsurface Scattering / SSS but does emulate it) - Option for Poser 9/2012 (uses Subsurface Scattering / SSS)

33 Eye Colors - Uses a combination of a texture map and complicated shader structure to change eye colors

121 Nail Colors - including one default natural and 120 painted nail shaders (solid and patterned)

14 Eyeshadow Options - 1 default with liner only - 13 complicated, shader-based shadows in pretty, anime-friendly colors - 1 fantasy/fairy texture

32 Lip Colors - 1 default natural plus a natural with gloss - 32 gorgeous lip shades in a variety of natural as well as fantasy colors


Seller: Andolaurina

Artist: Andolaurina Art

Date Released: Oct 23 2012

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: 3D:Character Morphs & Textures, 3D:Humans & Anatomy, 3D:Poses, Expressions & Motions, Themes:Toon

Keywords: terai yuki 2, ty2, yuki, terai, terai yuki, yua, japanese, anime, manga, morph, character, girl, woman, females, cute, adorable, pretty, japan, yuna

Software: Poser 7+ (Poser 9 or 2012 if you want to use the SSS Shaders)

Required: Terai Yuki 2, available at Content Paradise


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