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Magnificent Magnet Tools

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Magnificent Magnet Tools


  • Are you shy about using Poser Magnets or find them frustrated or complicated to work with?
  • Are you a Poser Magnet user that is searching for fun, easy and productive tools for magnet creation and manipulation?
  • Perhaps you are a bit of both?
Netherworks Studios has you covered with Magnificent Magnet Tools, a collection or "toolkit" of Magnet Python Scripts that is useable in Poser 6 and higher.

These tools also contain ways to manipulate and control magnets that were simply not possible using standard Poser Python.
  • Imagine the ability to Copy and Paste settings from one Magnet to another, including all the information in the Magnet "set" (Base, Zone and Magnet).  Even Paste symmetrically to opposing body parts!
  • Picture being able to clone a single magnet or every magnet in the scene from one side of a figure or prop symmetrically (X-Axis) to the other side and, in the case of figures, connect those magnets to the opposing body parts.  How about also mirroring multiple deform targets from those cloned magnets?
  • Envision saving a single magnet or every magnet in the scene to a prop file without clicking on checkboxes (and on occasion accidentally missing a box, ruining the whole saving process).  How about if it also saved all of the magnet's deform targets and remembered the last name and folder you used?
  • Think about, in the case of figures, easily extending a magnet's influence (deform targets) out from the body part it is attached to and to it's nearest neighboring parts.
  • Fancy being able to quickly and easily name all the parts of a Magnet "set" with your own friendly (External) name without having to hand-edit properties or just getting frustrated and later wondering which part is connected to a figure's body part.
You can do all of this and much more with Magnificent Magnet Tools, which includes over 20 individual scripts giving you magnet mastery that has never before seen.

The scripts are designed to be run individually or accessed via a Magnet Panel for Poser 8 and higher that acts much like a mini-Hierarchy Editor.  The Magnet Panel updates in real time as Magnets are added to or removed from the scene and as you click on a Magnet in the Panel's list, it is selected in Poser.

This package includes access to the scripts via the "Scripts" menu (Poser 7 and higher) and via manipulating the Poser Python Palette.
All included scripts work on figures and props and do not affect embedded deformers*.

This package also includes an illustrated PDF guide, exploring the features of Magnificent Magnet Tools as well as giving new users and those uneasy with Poser Magnets a introductory "primer" to Poser Magnets.

* Embedded deformers are magnets which are built into some Poser figures.  Initially Victoria 4 (and her iterations), Cookie and the Smith-Micro figures (G2 line, Miki lines) are supported.  You are able to manually add support for other figures.

Full features of this product:
  • Single Deformer Scripts:
    • Create Magnet Deformer - A simple and smart alternate method of creating a new Magnet Deformer in the scene.
    • Copy Deformer - Copies the scale, rotation and translation settings of a Magnet Deformer to prepare it for being pasted to another.
    • Paste Deformer - Pastes the settings stored after using Copy Deformer to the selected Magnet Deformer.
    • Paste Deformer (Flipped) - An alternate version of the Paste script, above, that flips the settings along the X-Axis.
    • Snap Deformer - This script snaps a Magnet Deformer's Base to its Zone or Zone to its Base.
    • Extend Magnet (Influence) - Looks at the current Magnet Deformer and extends the deform target (Element to Deform) outwards to the closest connected body parts.
    • Extend Magnet to Figure - Similar to the above, but extends the deform target to every body part of the figure that the Deformer is connected to.
    • Symmetry Clone Deformer - Takes the current Magnet Deformer and makes a symmetrical clone from it.  It uses the opposing body part if possible.  It also supports multiple deform targets.
    • Name Deformer - Easily applies a new friendly name of your choice to the currently selected Magnet Deformer (supports Base, Zone and Magnet).  It checks for duplicate names.
    • Display Outline - Deformer - Applies the outlined style display mode to the selected Magnet Deformer.
    • Display Reset - Deformer - Sets the display mode for the selected Magnet Deformer to its default.
    • Zero Magnet - Resets the Magnet element of the Deformer to "zeroed" settings (scale, rotation and translation).
    • Save Deformer - Quickly saves the current Magnet Deformer to it's own prop file.  Supports solid and outlined display, non-standard Magnet colors and multiple deform targets.
    • Render Thumbnail - Saves a thumbnail for the last Deformer Saved, above.
  • Multiple Deformer Scripts (none of these affect embedded deformers):
    • Symmetry Clone Deformers - Makes an exact symmetrical clone from each Magnet present in the scene and to opposing body parts, if possible.  It supports cloning deform targets (Elements to Deform).
    • Display Outline - Deformers - Applies the outlined style display mode to all Magnet Deformers.
    • Display Reset - Deformers - Sets the display mode for all Magnet Deformers to their default.
    • Remove Deformers - Removes all Magnet Deformers from the scene.
    • Zero Magnets - Resets the Magnet element of all Deformers to "zeroed" settings (scale, rotation and translation).
    • Remove Zero Magnets - Removes any Magnet Deformes from the scene that are not exerting force (scale, rotation and/or translation).
    • Save Deformers - Quickly saves the all Magnet Deformers to a single prop file.  Supports solid and outlined display, non-standard Magnet colors and multiple deform targets.
    • Spawn Morphs - Transfers the influence of the Magnet Deformers in the scene to a figure's body parts.  Allows you to specify the morph name and Full Body Morph name (optional).  This script is Poser 7 or higher only.
    • Render Thumbnail - Saves a thumbnail for the Deformers last Saved, above.
  • Includes an illustrated PDF guide that also serves as a introductory magnet primer.
Compatible with Poser 6 or higher (Poser 8 required for all features).  Suitable for use with Windows (XP or higher) and Mac (OSX 10.4 or higher).  Not suitable for use in Poser Debut or DAZ Studio.


Seller: Netherworks Studios


Date Released: Jul 14 2011

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License

Categories: Plugins & Scripts, 2D:Scenes & Props

Keywords: Magnet, Magents, Deformers, Deformer, Script

Software: Poser 6 and higher



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