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XS - eXtended Shader Manager for Poser

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XS - eXtended Shader Manager for Poser


XS - eXtended Shader Manager improves the way to work with the materials in a Poser scene. It lists all figures and props, materials, and shader nodes in a tree to select one or multiple to modify. There are several ways to locate and select materials and shaders in the tree, either by name or by type, optionally restricted to selected objects or materials. You can even save and apply your own selections e.g. for all skin materials of a particular figure.

Copy and paste is very flexible, you can copy complete materials, single nodes, or all materials of an object. Optionally, it's possible to select the node inputs and/or connected nodes to paste. Complete material sets of an object can be pasted to any object that uses the same material names, e.g. a second instance of this object. A material can be pasted to several materials at once. Nodes can be pasted to nodes of the same type or inserted as a new node into a material.

Several set-up tools assist in creating typical material settings like overlays, raytraced reflection and refraction, translucency, ambient occlusion, or toon materials. Overlays are masked textures e.g. for makeup, tattoos, or second skin clothing. Cascading overlays are possible for several layers. The tool for reflection and refraction includes a fresnel effect for complex materials like glass or car paint. The toon set-up creates the toon node either with new colors or by reusing the current texture for the diffuse color. In additon, a glossy node can be added for toon-like specular highlights.

Additional utilities facilitate the work with materials. With reset, materials can be reset to basic materials like white/gray/black material, with or without highlights, as ambient or transparent material, or as shadow catcher. Also, reset can colorize each selected material with a different color to easily identify material zones of an object. Other utilities can refresh the preview, clean up unconnected nodes, fix wrong connections for bump/gradient bump, and assign a unique toon id.


  • Material and shader manager for Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2012
  • Modify any number of materials or shader nodes at once
  • Tree with all objects/lights, materials, and shader nodes
    • Separate modes for objects and lights
    • Select object or material in scene and material room
    • Select any number of objects, materials, or nodes for modifications
    • Quick selection by name or type
    • Search for objects, materials, and/or nodes in tree
    • Rename or delete shader nodes
  • Copy/paste
    • Copy all materials from one object
    • Copy single materials or shader nodes
    • Paste complete material or node
    • Paste selected values and/or connected nodes only
    • Paste values only
    • Paste without changing maps
  • Set-up tools:
    • Overlay: add masked overlays
    • Reflect/Refract/Fresnel: add or modify raytraced reflections and or refrections
    • Translucent: set or modify translucence
    • AO: add or modify ambient occlusion
    • Toon: convert material into toon material
  • Utilities:
    • Replace Maps: replace maps by other image files
    • Refresh: update material in preview
    • Reset: reset material to several kinds of basic materials
    • Clean Up: remove unconnected nodes
    • Fix Bump: connect bum/bump files to gradient bump and image files to bump
    • Toon ID: assign a new unique toon id
  • Presets can be saved for tools and selections
  • Manual included


Seller: Dimension3D

Artist: Dimension3D

Date Released: Nov 13 2009

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License  |  Product Brochure

Categories: Plugins & Scripts

Keywords: Dimension 3D, D3D, Material Room, Toon, Overlay, cpp8

Software: Poser 8,9,10,11,11Pro; Poser Pro 2010,2012,2014



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