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XO - eXtended Object Manager for Poser

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XO - eXtended Object Manager for Poser


XO - eXtended Object Manager improves the way to work with the elements of a Poser scene. In the tree, all elements like figures, actors, props, lights, and cameras are listed. There are two alternate views, a hierarchical view and a list view grouped by element types. Parenting, conforming, and renaming can be done directly in the tree.

Each element displays the current state like visibility in scene and render or the light type and allows direct modification of the state with the state icon. State changes can be done for a single element or for several selected objects at once.

Many tasks can be done for several elements at once like changing the parent, conforming figures, and modifying most of the parameters and properties of all kinds of objects. The included light manager and parameter manager allow the modification of numerical parameters in one or several objects.

Note: The tree with state icons may cause problems on some systems. An alternate version without state icons is included that is stable on all systems. The state is still accessible from the context menu of each object.


  • Object and hierarchy manager for Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9, and Poser Pro 2012
  • Modify any number of objects or parameters at once
  • Create basic objects: groupings, deformers, lights, cameras
  • Tree with scene elements:
    • Figures, actors, props, lights, cameras, deformers
    • Filter by element type
    • Hierarchical view or list grouped by element type
    • Change parent or conform target by drag'n'drop
    • Edit element names
    • Search for element name
  • Icons in tree to display and modify state of basic properties:
    • Display style in scene
    • Visibility in scene, render, shadows, and raytracing
    • Smoothing of polygons
    • Bending of actors
    • Conforming of figures
    • Light and shadow on/off
    • light and shadow type
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • IK On/Off
  • Features applicable to several elements:
    • Delete (optionally, include children and/or conformed figures)
    • Conform
    • Figure symmetry
    • Add deformers
    • Parent or unparent
    • Lock or unlock actors
    • Memorize or restore
    • Reset values by parameter type
    • Copy values from other actor or figure
    • Point at
    • Collision detection on/off
    • Set or modify crease angle, shading rate, and displacement bounds
  • Light manager:
    • Modify all or selected lights at once
    • Set or modify light parameters
  • Parameter manager:
    • Modify selected scene elements at once
    • Set or modify parameters
    • Show or hide parameter dials
  • Numerical values can be set or calculated by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or rounding
  • Manual included


Seller: Dimension3D

Artist: Dimension3D

Date Released: Sep 28 2009

Documentation: Read Me |   |  License  |  Product Brochure

Categories: Plugins & Scripts

Keywords: Dimension 3D, D3D, Hierarchy, Manager, cpp8

Software: Poser 8,9,10,11,11Pro; Poser Pro 2010,2012,2014



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