Chibi Bubba figure set


Chibi Bubba is fully posable little catgirl figure who came straight from Japan! Includes ready to use complete figure set with hair, outfit, morphs and textures. Chibi Bubba figure set

Chibi Bubba is little catgirl figure for Poser that came straight from Japan. She was originally modeled by Cypher, a very talented Metasequoia 3D artist from Japan. I have remodeled this character for Poser and created an new textured outfit and a posable tail for her, along with extra morphs to pose her ears and other parts.

Considering this is a Poser port from a Metasequoia model created by Cypher, I claim no ownership of this model, except for the remodeling job, Poser conversion, textured outfit creation, posable tail and morphs. Original modeling, character design and face texture remains intellectual property of Cypher.

The package comes complete with the Chibi Bubba figure, hair, posable cat ears, posable tail, leotard outfit, textures and ready to use poses.

Chibi Bubba should work with all versions of Poser and also DAZ Studio. This is an extremely low poly model, so I recommend rendering with smooth polygons on for best results. At the same time, she renders and animates very fast!

Requirements: None. Chibi Bubba is self-contained and ready to use!