BVH Constraint for Poser


Now Compatible with Poser 8!!!

BVH Constraint for Poser corrects the foot sliding effect found in most BVH files. BVH Constraint for Poser

BVH Constraint is a Plug-in for Poser which removes the infamous sliding foot effect which is often found in BVH files.
The sliding can be attributed to the fact that the bvh file is not scaled perfectly with the 3d character you intend on using it with. Poser bvh import does have an automatic scaling feature which does an excellent job but ultimately the error falls on the hands of the person who created the BVH file.

BVH Constraint is easy to use:
1. Open a Poser Document
2. Import Figure from Library
3. Import and apply BVH animation to Figure
4. Run moveActortoZero python script to center Figure
5. Document frames where sliding occurs
6. Start BVH Constraint script
7. Enter documented values where sliding occurs
8. Press Run
9. Close BVH Constraint and you are ready to use or save your animation without any sliding!

BVH Constraint is compatible with all biped Figures currently supported by Poser 7 and Poser pro.
Still images are not enough to fully appreciate the power of this plug-in. Please take a moment to view our online video tutorial:
BVH Tutorial