Font to Mesh Express Converter


Now Compatible with Poser 8!!!

Use True Type Fonts from your PC to create high quality mesh objects For use with Poser 4 thru 8 and any 3d application which can read .obj file format. Font to Mesh Express Converter

Please view the FMEC tutoria:l

FMEC adds Unprecedented functionality to Poser by reading TRUE TYPE font files found on your PC and converting them into high quality 3d object files. Just enter a text string of up to 32 characters and export the string to a convenient location on your hard drive in the form of an .obj file or a PoserPython script. These files can then be imported in Poser/or ANY 3D application which supports import of .obj file format.

With FMEC you have control over: Text Bold and Italicize - same functionality found in standard text editors Text Color - RGB color scale Text Extrusion - controls size of object in z-direction Text Precision - controls vertice count

You will not find another application or prop collection which gives you the same value at this price, Period. The reason being, FMEC is not a collection of object files or poser props so you won't have to pay $10 for 1 set of letters, numbers, and punctuation. FMEC is a application which creates 3d meshes in real time from TRUE TYPE fonts already installed on your system.

Whether its for advertising, animation, or just for fun FMEC will become an invaluable addition to your tool set. Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista(64) 700 MHz Pentium class or compatible (1 GHz or faster recommended) 512 MB system RAM (768 MB or more recommended) Directx 9.0x (directx installer can be found in FMEC's main directory) 10MB free hard disk space