Space Ship/Shuttle backgrounds for Manga Studio


Space Ship / Shuttle backgrounds out of 32 perspectives for Manga Studio STIP (space travel inter plantar)

This package contain 32 different views of a space ships in and exterior. The pictures are
all 2048x2048 and come along in 3 to 4 variations.

*_a.bmp is the black shadow picture (you can use this as a layer to make character
shadows and do another lighting tricks)
*_b.bmp is the outline and panicle picture (the outlines of the image)
*_c.bmp is the shading composite picture that you will most likely find most useful to
work with
*_c.bmp is the shading composite picture with gray instead of back shows for brighter
interpolation patterns when working in Manga Studio in the 1 or 2 bit modus with

All the images are optimized to be used in Manga Studio to give you amazing
background's for you next space opera or SF project. Just playa bit around with the
import setting and pictures on different layers and find the style that fits your other

this package contains 116 Windows bmp pictures 2048x2048 in size with 24 bit colures.
The extracted files are 1.36 GB the download size in the zip file is 48 mb.

if you like the artwork and create something nice with it or would like to order
something you can contact me under max -at-


Gregor H. Max Koch