Terraforming - using the Terraformers tutorial


I've been asked to write a guide to how to get the best out of the Terraformers series several times. With the original series it seemed somewhat self-evident, and there wasn't much more to say. But since then the original Terraformers have been upgraded to add new features, and several new sets having come along adding different possibilities to landscaping directly in Poser. So, it seemed it was finally time for that guide!

This is a 'one guide fits all' tutorial, and makes reference to several packs. Most of the points apply to all the Terraformers though, and you'll be able to use the techniques shown with whichever models you happen to have. If you haven't got any Terraformers and don't plan to get any, it probably won't be very useful to you.

All the text is accompanied by step by step pictures showing you exactly what things are supposed to look like.

This is a pdf document, so you'll need a pdf reader.

The tutorial covers:

  • Tiling and Simple Textures
  • Swapping textures
  • Making your own textures
  • Tiling in any version of Poser or DAZ Studio
  • Textures that (appear to) change with altitude
  • Creating a brand new altitude shader texture for the original 'Cove'
  • Morphing, mixing, matching - sculpt your world
  • Example workshop - Horizons scene with one Terraformer
  • Example workshop - On the Beach with several original Terraformers
  • Example Workshop - Icefields using multiple figures from Terraformers Altitudes
  • Skydomes
  • 'What's that thing in the top left corner?'
  • Skydomes and perspective
  • Atmospheres
  • Creating a depth map
  • Using Atmospheres from the Atmospheres pack
  • Rendering atmospheres - speed vs. quality