Aya (2D Character Series)


Use with Photoshop & Manga Studio!
Aya is already included in Anime Studio & Anime Studio Pro!

Jump Start your Animations or Drawings with Ready-to-go Characters Templates!

If you're not a professional artist, take advantage of pre-built characters that work with Anime Studio, Manga Studio & Photoshop.

The pre-rigged characters make animating really fast & easy in both versions of Anime Studio. Or if you prefer to create your own manga / comic books, these characters are ready to be used in both version of Manga Studio. For those that dabble in Photoshop, the characters are also available to be used within there.

Each character will come in 4 poses – front, side, 45, back and a huge array of different mouths, eyes, hair and other features. All the joints have been layed out on different layers, thus making the characters perfect for animating. Turn layers on and off and choose from the many styles, add the character and you are ready to go!