Rose Agent Character Pack for Anime Studio


Introducing Rose Agent, the first authentic, anime style 2D character from Smith Micro. Professionally designed completely within and for Anime Studio, Rose Agent is vector drawn and fully rigged with bones to leverage Anime Studio's unique animation capabilities. She is capable of even the most finely detailed movements, for truly professional quality animations.

Whether you are a beginner who wants a valuable tool to help you learn bone-based Inverse Kinematics and vector animation, or a seasoned animator that needs a high-end character for your next studio project, this Character Pack provides everything you need to start creating your own anime adventures.

  • Robust, Flexible Setup for Multiple Animation Styles – All elements in this package are completely vector drawn, so you can take advantage of Anime Studio's vector animation capabilities for finely detailed movements. In addition, all characters are fully rigged with Anime Studio's bone-based Inverse Kinematics system for easy full-body animation, making it easy to get started.
  • Learning Resources – Gain valuable insights into the character creation and animation process with included video files that illustrate how Rose Agent and some of the pre-set vector animations were created. Captured during the design process by the artist who created this package, these videos will help you understand how the characters were set up and highlight some of the essentials of vector animation.
  • Complete Rose Agent Character Set – The Rose Agent character comes with multiple views, poses and pre-set animations, including front, side and back views, close-ups of her blinking, singing and crying, and 20 different 45-90 degree views of her face and mouth positions.
  • Accessories to Inspire Your Tales – Rose Agent comes with her own sword (in and out of its sheath) and a background scene featuring her private lair. But no adventure would be complete without an arch nemesis and sidekick! YouĂ…fll also get fully rigged front views of the super-villain Takeshi, and his counterpart Tenshi, who together rule the Dark Realms of the spirit world. Will they cross over to our world and try to destroy it? Will Rose Agent travel to the Dark Realms to rescue someone or something? This is your chance to take control and design your own adventures, animating the battle between good and evil!

Rose Agent Character Pack Specifications

ANME Files for use within Anime Studio

  • 10 ANME files of Rose Agent Character (Hero)
    • 1 ANME file – Front view of Rose Agent (partially animated)
    • 1 ANME file – Side view of Rose Agent (partially animated)
    • 1 ANME file – Back view of Rose Agent (partially animated)
    • 1 ANME file – Emotional close up view of Rose Agent (fully animated)
    • 1 ANME file – Blinking close up view of Rose Agent (fully animated)
    • 1 ANME file – Singing close up view of Rose Agent (fully animated - add your own sound track from within Anime Studio: Animation Menu > Select Soundtrack)
    • 1 ANME file – 20 different 45 and 90 degree views of Rose Agent's face and mouth positions
    • 1 ANME file – Rose Agent swords
    • 1 ANME file – Rose Agent posing view with other Takeshi and Tenshi (with sword and without swords)
    • 1 ANME file – Front, side, back and mouth positions in one file
  • 1 ANME file - front view of Takeshi (Villain)
  • 1 ANME file – front view of Tenshi (Villain's sidekick)
  • 1 ANME file of Rose Agent's Lair

Rose Agent Character Pack Artwork

  • 1 Rose Agent Logo in PNG format
  • 6 Sketches of the characters in JPG format
  • 9 Renders of the characters in JPG format

Rose Agent Video Clips

  • 17 SWF videos showing how Rose Agent was created and animated

Rose Agent Flash Demo

  • 1 Flash Demo of the Rose Agent Character Pack

Rose Agent Wallpaper

  • 2 Rose Agent Wallpapers

Rose Agent Avatar

  • 2 Rose Agent Avatar images for use on your favorite community site

Requires Anime Studio 5 or Anime Studio 5 Pro or Later
60 MB Additional Disc Space Recommended