Happiness for Michael 8 and Genesis 8 Male


Happiness is composed of 30 one click expressions for M8 and G8M. It is also composed of 30 morph sliders that can be manipulated depending on preference for more subtle expressions. Files for DAZ Studio 4.9 and up are included in this set. Apply Shape files directly to Michael 8 or Genesis 8 Male. Keep Limits ON when prompted. System Requirements: PC and Mac compatible DazStudio 4.9 or greater -------------------------------------- Needed Files: Michael 8 and Genesis 8 Male available at Daz3d: -------------------------------------- Installation Instructions: Unzip to your DAZ/content directory using an appropriate program. To install, just unzip to your DAZ 3d Library directory using the paths and this file will install under /People. If you wish to manually install the files, unzip to a directory. File should be copied under the People folder. -------------------------------------- Usage Tips or Limitations: Set LIMITS ON. For DAZ Studio 4.9: Load Michael 8 or Genesis 8 Male. Apply Shape files for M8 or Genesis 8 Male. Apply Expressions directly to M8 or G8M. Keep limits ON when prompted.