Vault Room (for Poser)


Do your adventurers dare to enter this vault room? Who knows what dangers lie within... evil curses? Mummies? Aliens from another dimension?

Why is the rear room empty? Did another adventurer raid the treasures? Is it a trap set by the bad guys? You decide!

.: Product Features :.

* Poser figure file (obj, cr2/ png), with 44,105 polygons.
* The doors can open and close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* The front gate can open and close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* The stands in the side alcoves and in the front are separate body parts which can be hidden/ shown or repositioned to suit the needs of your scene.
* The water is a separate part which can be raised and lowered or hidden from the scene.
- Raise the water to flood the front area or lower it to keep your characters safe.

.: Textures :.

* One color scheme, which includes texture maps, bump maps, and Poser shaders.
* Includes 4 material collection files to recolor the water:
- Water smooth (blue)
- Water rough (blue)
- Lava (red)
- Slime (green)

.: Poses :.

* 46 hide/ show poses for each wall and the ceiling, front stand, and all 5 left and right stands.

.: Cameras :.

* Ten camera files are included.
* The camera files also hide any walls which may be blocking the camera.
You can use these camera angles to render your scenes or use them as a starting point and adjust them as needed.

This product is meant for use in Poser 6 and above and may not work correctly in other software programs.

All images rendered in Poser Pro using the included light sets and Indirect Lighting (IDL) using the included camera presets.