Meditation Chamber (for DAZ Studio)


This inner sanctum is a meditation chamber for your characters to find solitude and isolation from their duly duties.

This set includes 3 areas:
* The inner chamber includes an opening top, which reveals plenty of display screens to monitor any needed functions.
* The outer chamber room includes holographic projectors for communications. A stand is included so your character doesn't step on the floor and interfere with the holographic communications.
* The exterior hallway includes 3 blast doors which can be sealed for extra privacy as well as two airlock-style doors between the room and the hallway.

.: Product Features :.

* Includes two DAZ Studio props (dsf, duf/ png):
- Meditation Chamber, at 188,729 polygons.
- Holoscreen, at 64 polygons.

.: Moving Parts :.

* Like our other sci-fi sets, all walls (and the ceiling) can be hidden for easier camera placement.
* The chamber top can open (up and down), with an ERC dial on the Body.
* The chamber chair can rotate around, with an ERC dial on the Body.
* All three blast doors can open and close (up and down), with ERC dials on the Body.
* Two doors at the end of the hallway can open and close (left to right), with ERC dials on the Body.
* The circular stand is a separate body part which can be repositioned or hidden from the scene.
* The chamber bottom is a separate body part which can be repositioned or hidden from the scene.
* Hide/ show poses are included to hide and show the walls.

.: Textures/ Materials :.

* One set of textures is included.
* Includes both Iray and 3DLight material settings.

.: Poses :.

* Hide/ show each wall and the ceiling.
* Hide/ show the inner chamber.
* Hide/ show the hallway (and doors).
* Hide/ show the stand.

.: Cameras :.

* Nine camera files are included.
* Use the corresponding hide wall poses to block any walls which may be blocking the camera.
* All of the sales images were created using the included camera files.

Recommended for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 with Iray.
Original model created by Richard Duda and DAZ Studio optimization by Todd Kogutt.