TL-122-D Crook-Neck Flashlight (for Poser)


During World War II, a request was made for a type of flashlight to be developed for use by soldiers being deployed overseas. The TL-122 series of angle-head flashlights were developed by multiple manufacturers, most notably Bright Star, and issued as part of the basic Paratrooper and Army Rangers web kit. It was used widely throughout the war, and was adopted for use by numerous allied countries.

The TL-122 Flashlight would eventually evolve in to the MX-991 series of lights issued to US forces in Vietnam. It would go on to be adopted by the armed services of most NATO nations, and can be found in many other places world-wide both in civilian and military roles.

This model comes in 2 versions, the first is fully rigged with a working On/Off switch. The second version is a simple prop version (no moving parts) that is set up to smart-parent to Panko's VPM1 Paratrooper Figure (or can be manually parented to the Combat Pack prop). It includes separate Lens and Bulb materials for the light-bulb inside, so that you can easily change lens colors or set the bulb as a light emitter if you so choose.

Also included are poses to position the light to either the right or left hand as needed.