Prae-Roki Hair


Roki hair is a soft halo of hair. It works well for both male and female characters and comes with 12 hair textures.

There are fits for Aiko 4, Michael 4, Hiro 4, Genesis 1, Genesis 2 as well as Victoria 6 and Michael 6.

There are Poser 7+ texture mats and also a No Node version that can be used in Daz Studio and older versions of Poser. Not optimized for Daz studio. Depending on your render settings this hair can take a long time to render.

Requires V4, or M4, genesis1 or genesis2 and Poser 6 and up or Daz Studio.



A4Fit V6Fit M6Fit M4Fit H4Fit Genesis2Fit Genesis1Fit

Style Morph:

HairLong, HairBig, HairTight, HairTight2, HairNarrow, HairWide, TopDown, BackTied, HairTied, HairShort, HairShort2, HairBangs, BackOut, BangsOut, BangsShort, BangsLong

Windy Morphs:

WindyBack, WindyFront, WindyLeft, WindyRight

Adjustment Morphs:

AdjustBackSides, AdjustBack, AdjustCollarsUp, AdjustTop, AdjustRightSide, AdjustLeftSide, AdjustHair, AdjustFront, AdjustFrontLeft, AdjustFrontRight

MAT POSE FILES Auburn Black Blonde Blue Brown Copper Gold Green Honey Purple Red Silver