Katheryn Dress for G3F


Katheryn is a streching dress with a nice collar. It comes with earrings. This clothing set includes: Dress Earrings Materials: Iray and 3delight Materials for each set: 19 texture sets for the dress 19 material options for the earrings Morphs Dress: Center Height Bottom Center UpDown Center Width Expand All Expand Arms Expand Breast Front Height Hip Length Hip Loosen All Hip Loosen Sides Loosen Armpits Loosen Back Lower Loosen Back Upper Loosen Belly Loosen Collars Loosen Front Loosen Side L Loosen Side R Rear Center Depth Rear Loosen Show Breast SkirtMoveBackLeft SkirtMoveBackRight SkirtMoveFrontLeft SkirtMoveFrontRight SkirtWider Spine Adjust Bottom Spine Adjust Top Straighten Back Straighten Sides Under Height Under Lower Under Smoother