AtoZ DetailTime Greeble Iray Emissives #1 v1_by Tiger9166
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AtoZ DetailTime Greeble Iray Emissives #1 v1_by Tiger9166
This is a set of Emissive and non-Emissive lights of use in DAZ 3D Studio 4.9+. It includes one solo prop you can place anywhere you'd like in a scene to add lighting and a preload set designed to be loaded then parented to the default location where Stonemason's Greeble City Block #56 loads. This prop is simply a load of a reshaped and scaled native DAZ 3D Cube or Cubes.

It also includes a set of Custom Greeble "Surface" Shader material emissive lighting presets you can use to "light up" the night in almost all Greeble scene... Just load a Greeble unit and open its Surface Tab then look for the corresponding TJMK Emissive in My Libraries>Presets>Shaders>TJM?Greeble and... NOTE! NO Geometry or Material files are included!

Furthermore, you get a set of AtoZ Emissive Lights along with LED color setting and a wide range of Intensity settings as well.
Retail Price: $16.75 almost always on sale from AtoZ!
    Includes: Daz 3D Studio presets for you to place in your My Library location...
    • Single Greeble #56 Emissive Light
    • Set of lights for Greeble #56
        Shaders>TJM>TJM Emissive>: Base Material #5 and #6
      • Base Material #5
      • Base Material #6
      • in Sub-Directories find:
      • TJM LED Blue
      • TJM Pure Blue
      • TJM Pure Green
      • TJM Pure Purple
      • TJM Pure Red
      • TJM Pure White
      • TJM Pure Yellow
      • -
      • PLUS 36 Intensity Levels from barely glowing to intense!
        Shaders>TJM>Greeble and (Expand a Greeble Buildings Materials and apply to identified Materials)
      • LEDBlue
      • Tile01
      • Tile01Dark
      • Tile01Darkgb3
      • Tile01gb3
      • Windows_01
      • Windows_01redNblue
      • Windows_02
      • Windows_02red
      • Windows_03
      • Windows_03red
      • Windows_03wHVAC
      • Windows_05

    I hope you enjoy these Props and Shaders ENJOY!
    Legal Stuff:

    Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: TJM, Tiger9166, A2Z & AtoZ All Rights Reserved License file included

    Note: This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.