Octavia - The Augusta - Genesis3Female
Ends on Oct 27 2017


Introducing Octavia - The Augusta, Niece of Julius Ceasar, Elder sister to the First Emperor of Rome Augustus and Wife of Mark Antony. History has been brought to life for one of the most prominent women of Roman history. Octavia was famous for her feminine Roman virtues, sexy and sensual to go with her loyalty and nobility. But do not be fooled, Octavia's bloodline would produce the two most wicked men in Roman history, Emperor Caligula and Nero. Be warned Octavia will bring you renders to life if she so chooses! Octavia with her classic looks comes to you today in beautiful HD (4096x4096) boasting 11 Eye colours, 10 Makeup options, 10 Lip colours and 10 Nail and Toenail options. She is ready for all occasions and she will quickly captivate you with her renders.