Retro Racer (for DAZ Studio)


The Retro Racer is a small fun flying car with a nostalgic feel. With 2 seats and fully modelled controls, there`s enough room in the rear for a servo droid and some suitcases.
Use this speeder when flying over air, land, and sea.

.: Product Features :.

* DAZ Studio prop (dsf, duf/ png), with 54,667 polygons.
* No moving parts.

.: Textures :.

* Solid colors:
- Blue
- Green
- Orange
- Purple
- Red
- Silver
- Yellow
- No texture maps needed.
* Racing textures:
- Blue with number 7
- Green with number 4
- Orange with number 8
- Red with number 3
- Silver with number 2
- Yellow with number 6
- These texture maps are 2048x1326 pixels in size.

All materials use Iray shaders for extra detailing.

All sales images rendered in DAZ Studio 4.9 with Iray and an HDRI skydome environment.

Designed for use in DAZ Studio: includes a dsf and duf/ png files and Iray optimized surfaces. Poser version sold separately.