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AtoZ DetailTime Magic Door #1 PLUS v1from Tiger 9166
I believe it's Shakespere who wrote, "A Horse, A Horse... My Kingdom for a horse!" I suggest that he actually meant to say, "A Door, A Door... My Kingdom for a Door!! ... So, why a door and what in the blazes is a "Magic Door?" Well, that's easy to answer and at the same time difficult to answer... So, let me explain it this way.. If you have a heavy metal security metal door with a sturdy unlock wheel in it's center, and one that's heavily riveted you have simply a regular security door! Now the door in this set is magic! For it to be magic, you have to see the "Magic" Operate parameter dials and what they do! These are right front and center where you can't miss them when the door loads! Turn one to operate the central wheel to unlock or unlock the door! <<< This is NOT Magic! But you can move a dial and "disappear" the wheel... OH Yeah! And turn another Parameter dial and "Presto Chango" and the rivets disappear as well as another dial to disappear the round center brace that was helping to secure the wheel... Next, you can check out the Smart Props included and you can suddenly can have a normal door with a knob to turn to open it... or load a door knob with a "keylock" or may you have a nned for a knob with that little thing you turn to lock and unlock a door without a key... AND there are three door handles with levers you can load and position to your wishes as well!

OK, so you load a useful door like this one... You place it against another building, hallway or other figure or prop. Great, you load the door, open it and bummer all you see is the wall you placed it in front of! That is not magical! ... So, does AtoZ's Magic Door have a way to help? Of course! When you open the door there is a graphic panel for which AtoZ has provided in this set a number of different graphics that can be loaded with EZ2Use Mat Poses right onto this "Magic Panel" And, you can easily create a graphic you want to load on it!

Did I forget to mention that if you want a "Normal" door, that this "Magic Door" includes a Smart Door and a Smart Prop Frame so that you can just have a regular door! These load with a simple wood texture, and if you want to change the door and or the frame just check out the included Mat Poses to change the frame or the "normal" door!

Oh yeah! You also get a double single sided wall with a cutout of the door, so you can use this door other ways! Did I mention with the turn of a parameter dial that the graphic panel built into the door frame can instantly be hidden! Parameter Dials are so handy.

Soooo, with the included smart prop panels, you can position the MAGIC Door against any "hidden" wall in a prop or figure you own and create a door that you can now open and step throught! WOW! One minute you have to split your animated sequence to make it look like your character opened and walked through a door... And now with AtoZ Magic, you've can make a muck more realistic sequence! HAVE FUN!

Whew! That's a lot of Door and a lot of AtoZ "Magic"!

Retail price? $22.75 ... (Hint! AtoZ products are almost always on sale!)... So if it's not, just wish list the "Magic Door" and Content Paradise will e-mail you when it is on sale! That is, if you're signed up for their e-mail offerings and notices!
    YOU Get:
    • Plain Door Knob (these load at the default door load location!)
    • Door Knob with "keyable" lock (no key included)
    • Lockable Door Knob no key required
    • Plain Door Lever (these load at the default door load location!)
    • Door Lever with "keyable" lock (no key included)
    • Lockable Door Lever no key required
    • Fastener with Liftable handle to turn
    • Security lockable fastener
    • The Magic Door Rivets as a figure (use then anywhere because you can hide the ones you don't want to show!
    • PLUS a variety of !Preloads to use!
      Mat Poses FORTY TWO of them!:
    • Some for the Magic Door
    • Some for the Panel in the Magic Door
    • Some for the Smart Prop Door Frame
    • Some for the Smart Prop "Normal" Door
    • A set of various Metallic "sets" that load multiple Textures for either Props or Figures
      13 Props too! Including 6 Smart:
    • Normal Door Prop
    • Door Wheel
    • Door Rivets
    • AND MORE! Like the Smart panels to place the door where you "hide" a wall!
  • AND... BONUS Templates!

    Files in Runtime> or just in Readme's or Templates PLUS!
  • Geometries>TJM>Misc
  • Textures>TJM>Misc
    • Character>TJM>Doors PLUS
    • Pose>TJM>Doors PLUS (and Metal Mat Poses>)
    • Props>TJM>Doors PLUS (and Smart>)

WOW!... There are a lot of pieces/parts/and HiRes images!

If you add this set to your library, may I thank you in advance!
Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: TJM, Tiger9166, A2Z & AtoZ All Rights Reserved License file included

Note: This set only includes the AtoZ items and files contained in the Directories as listed above.