Prefitter Beta


The fitting procedures in the fitting room are generic and work best with small corrections. Results for large changes in shape leave something to be desired. Change of position of arms or legs is diffcult to achieve. The Prefitter makes this a lot easier. The Prefitter will allow you to do the lion's share of the transformation process in one mouse click while still in the Pose room. In many cases no further fitting is necessary and all you need to do in the fitting room is create the figure. The Prefitter consists of a generic 'suit' fitting the donor and morphs for that suit to other figures. The PoserPro 11 'copy morphs from' functionality can be used to shape the mesh of clothing and hair to suit the target. The morphs are developed using fabric dynamics simulated in Marvelous Designer 6, with attention to maintain good fit of the 'suit' to key points. This adds a level of 'knowledge' in the transformation and so gives better results than the generic procedures in the fitting room. This Beta is made to support conversions of geometry of hair and clothing intended for V4 to: - Pauline - Roxie - Bella (Beta 98-b) - Dawn - Adwoman - Miki3 and Miki4 Workflow: - load the prefitter into the scene (Make invisible if necessary) - for prop hair, prop accessories, prop clothing: use menu 'Object|Copy morphs from ...' to get the conversions in. - for conforming items: load the original .obj file (use 'Scripts|printinfo|listfiles' to get full address line for copy-paste into the import file selector) - in the prop set the morph for your target figure to 1.0 - Check fit, use 'edit morph' to correct where necessary. - if you want a coformer, proceed to fitting room. NOTES: - when working from base mesh for figures you need to port the texture separately - Results will vary. No guarantee. - Conversion info does not cover hands and feet. I tried to include feet but results were disappointing. Known work to be done: - Improve definition of position of nipples, nose and ears. - make converter from other figures with large support. (V3; GenX) - Add support for ProjectE figure when it comes out. -