Sylvi Jewels for G3F


Jewelry set for G3F.

one conforming Necklace and one pair of smartprop Earrings for G3F.

12 DS4.8+ Iray material presets.12 DS4.8+ 3DL material presets.
9 individual DS4.8+ Iray Shader Presets for mixing and matching. 10 individual DS4.8+ 3DL Shader Presets for mixing and matching.

Materials suitable for both Iray and 3DL. Loads with Iray materials by default.

The earrings can load as a pair or individually.
The materials are a mix of texture and procedural.  Some materials will not show in Preview but will render correctly. Please note that the materials are highly light-dependent & render results will vary depending on your lighting setup. Because of differences between rendering engines, materials will vary depending on what render engine is chosen. Materials for both Iray and 3DL.

Complete list of morphs in the Necklace:

For certain characters or morphs, better results may be had by dialing back the auto-fit and manually refitting with the adjustment morphs.

DS-only materials and props, not compatible with Poser.