Car Dealership (for Poser)


This is a model of a typical car dealership.
The main building can display cars inside so guests can get out of the sun or rain.
A garage to the left can be used to repair or service any cars.
A porch on the right can keep cars under covered parking spaces for VIP`s or after they`ve been repaired.
And of course, there`s plenty of parking spaces for everyone!
Car salesmen not included.

Includes both the exterior and an interior space, which you can fill with cars or furniture.

.: Product Features :.

* Poser figure: obj, cr2/ png, with 62,612 polygons.
* Moving parts:
- Front two doors can open and close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
- Rear two doors can open and close, with ERC dials on the Body.
- Three doors connecting the main building the garage can open and close, with ERC dials on the Body.
- Nine interior doors can open and close, with ERC dials on the Body.
* Separate parts, which be hidden or shown to give your dealership a different look:
- Front banner-overhang.
- Front sign.
- Light poles.
- Side porch.
- Garage is a separate building, with its own ceiling and walls.

.: Textures :.

* One set of textures is included.
* The Grass material uses Poser's noise shader to simulate the look of grass.
* The Light materials use IDL to help illuminate the scene.
* The Wall materials use the fBm shader node for extra detailing.

.: Poses :.

* Twenty-four hide/ show poses to hide the walls, ceiling, light poles, main sign, and more.

.: Cameras :.

* Fourteen camera files are included.
* The camera files also hide any walls which may be blocking the camera.

All images rendered in Poser Pro 2012 using the included camera files

For use in Poser 6 and above; has not been tested in DAZ Studio.

Cars available for sale separately.