AtoZ Massive Observation DOME v1 by Tiger9166
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AtoZ MASSIVE Observation Dome 1 v1by Tiger9166
The Massive Observation Deck (not included) gave you your first chance to look outside the Topside Massive Figures without actually opening a Fight Deck or other AtoZ Articulated Opening or the original entrance port and walking, driving or flying out!

Of course, as well as that serves to look out on the terrain and maybe run a flight control center, there was something lacking... May we present the Massive Observation Dome. Now you can walk down any Massive tunnel (with a road way) and slide open a doorway, walk onto an elevator, rise up to the platform level and then ascend the stairway to the observation platform, which can serve as the nerve center for flight control that offers a full 360 degree horizonatlly and a full vertical view of your envornment!

This set includes a nice starter Control console with screens, which AtoZ recommends you populate with the AtoZ DetailTime Pannels PLUS (not included but shown in the Promo pics)

Create the scene of your dreams ... perhaps with the Massive goes Vertical Set, you could rise on its elevator to a surface quadruple Massive Flight Deck with four Massive Big 90's (not included) and place 1 to 4 Observation Domes around it! Just an idea of what one might create... I hope you add this set to your other AtoZ Massives...
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    • Massive Observation Dome (Articulatesd)
    • Massive Observation Dome Console (Articulatesd)
    • Default MAT Pose Observation Dome
    • Default MAT Pose Observation Dome Console
      Camera (Sets): TJM's MAD = Main, Auxilliary and Dolly Camers only
    • Dome MAD 1
    • Dome MAD 2
    • Dome MAD 3

    Files in: Runtime>
  • Geometries>TJM>Construction>MassiveCont
  • Textures>TJM>Construction>MassiveCont <- Highly Detailed Surfaces!
  • Libraries>Character>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS>Observation Dome
  • Libraries>Pose>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 PLUS>Observation Dome
  • Libraries>Camera>TJM>Construction>Massive 1 Surface>Observation Dome

Thank you in advance if you add the Massive Observation Dome to your Library! ----------------

Legal Stuff:

Copyright 2016 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: TJM, Tiger9166, A2Z & AtoZ All Rights Reserved License file included

Note: This set only includes the AtoZ files contained in the Directories listed above.