Medieval Street (for DAZ Studio)


This is a small street of medieval-style buildings. Perfect for fantasy or romance scenes.

Includes 4 main buildings, a street/ ground, two wall sections and two gates.
The buildings include stairs and balconies for more scene-creation options: pose your characters anywhere you like!

.: Product Features :.

* DAZ Studio props (dsf, duf/ png):
- Building A, with 10,338 polygons.
- Building B, with 3,768 polygons.
- Building C, with 6,892 polygons.
- Building D, with 2,947 polygons.
- Path/ Ground, with 94 polygons.
- Wall Section A, with 170 polygons.
- Wall Section B, with 170 polygons.
- Wall Section Door A, with 50 polygons.
- Wall Section Door B, with 50 polygons.

Includes 1 preset to help you quickly build your scene... or add the individual models and create your own town layout.

These are exterior buildings with no moving parts and no interiors.

.: Textures :.

* One set of texture maps, ranging from 4096x406 to 2048x2048 to 1024x1024 pixels with corresponding normal/ bump maps.

Designed for use in DAZ Studio: includes a dsf and duf/ png files and Iray optimized surfaces.

Sales images rendered in DAZ Studio 4.9 with Iray and a skydome environment with an HDRI background.

Original model by Arteria3D and owned by VanishingPoint.