Castle Keep And Tower (for DAZ Studio)


Build your own castle keep and town with this set of 4 medieval inspired buildings.

The main castle tower is surrounded by a wooden fence to keep intruders out. Luckily, there are numerous ladders for your defenders and guards to climb up. The main tower itself is further protected by a wooden walkway with an opening gate.
The other buildings can be used as merchant storefronts or houses.

.: Product Features :.

* Includes the following DAZ Studio props: (dsf, duf/ png):
* Castle Walls and Tower, at 15,510 polygons, including:
- 18 separate ladders, which can be hidden, shown, or repositioned.
- A wooden bridge/ gate can rotate upwards to prevent intruders from reaching the inner building (with an ERC dial on the Body).
- The exterior walls are separated into sections which can be hidden or shown.
- The tower`s ceiling and walls can be hidden or shown, which makes it easier to create scenes of your characters in the tower.
* Keep Building A, at 1,494 polygons. Includes a ceiling and 4 walls.
* Keep Building B, at 508 polygons; no moving parts.
* Keep Building C, at 468 polygons. Includes a ceiling and 4 walls.

.: Textures :.

* One set of texture maps, ranging from 1024x2048 to 2048x2048 to 4096x4096 pixels with corresponding specular and normal/ bump maps.

This product is designed for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 with Iray.

Original model by Arteria3D and uploaded for sale here with full permission.
DAZ Studio conversion by William Mithoron Farrar.