Amy for Pauline


A new character for Pauline.

With a skin created using high definition photographs, her head is morphed in Zbrush to give her a totally new look.

Her MAt files will render well in both Firefly and Superfly.

Also included two body MAT options: one with pubic hair and one without pubic hair.

Several make-up options complete this character for a unique and realistic female figure ready to rock your Poser runtime!

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Head
- REM Head
- MAT Amy
- MAT Body With Hair
- MAT Body No Hair
- MAT Body With Hair
- MAT Body No Hair
- 5 MAT Eyes Without Reflections
- 5 MAT Eyes With Reflections
- 1 MAT Face Natural
- 8 MAT Face Make-Ups
- 2 MAT Lashes

Body morph not included.