Gulf Star Anchor Handling Supply vessel with Supply Barge


Gulf Star anchor Handling supply vessel with Supply Barge 3d Figure of anchor handling / supply vessel. commonly used for Offshore Oil exploration Logistic support. towing work and supply barges anchor Handling This model Feature. Working Winch and stern roller Winch cable angle control over stern roller working Towing pins and shark Jaw with chain stop for towing mode Annchor fig with chain for anchor Habdeling mode auxillary Deck winches (props) 2 working anchors on vessel that lower and raise 3 Rotating and Elevating Spotlights Water cannon that revolves and elevates with control to spray water Rotating Radar Water Jet drive nozzle that turns left right towing spring Hawser with shackle and chain stop Supply Barge with towing harness and controls fig Body Master controls locatel on Figure Body Parameter page makes it east to control and animate Model.