VGF-14 D Wildcat ETO Booster (for Poser)


Early in the Solinoid Conflict, while the UN was still building its Naval forces, there were very limited ways to combat the enemy outside the atmosphere. In an attempt to solve this issue, the UN announced a design competition for an Orbital Launcher compatible with the new VGF-14 coming in to Fleet service. In order for the proposed Booster to enter service quickly, project requirements specified that it be designed with currently available parts. Also required of the competition was that the new system be relatively light weight, and capable of ground mobility for use in front-line units.

Created by Genero Rocket Systems, the new Earth-to-Orbit Booster pack attaches to the VGF-14 along the legs and main fuselage. It has large rocket lifting engines, with gimbal mounted steering and maneuvering of the exhaust nozzles, and contains a set of Dracovaine Mini-Missiles for orbital combat defense. It can be launched from any standard facility rocket pad, or carried and launched from specially designed Mobile Launch Tracks, a large tracked Armored Vehicle with an ETO launch system attached, for forward operations.

There is how-ever a down side... In it's preliminary form the booster could not be jettisoned from the aircraft, and needed special facilities for mounting and dismounting the system. Later variants are able to jettison, but still leave the VGF-14 trapped in its jet mode while equipped, a flaw that has been mostly corrected in later ETO systems for the Advanced Variable Fighter program.

The Genero Booster System has found new life in specially equipped long range recon units to provide additional range for the VGF-14 in deep space operations, paired with the YF-35 ELINT and AVF-35 fighters at orbital outposts. It also remains in use in secondary rolls such as ferry flights (to get VGF-14's into orbit for rendezvous with ships) and as a secondary defense line of Earth Orbit to intercept incoming enemy vessels.

Here are some of the highlights:
* Over 20 Points of Articulation on the figure!

* Moving parts include: Firing Missiles, Pose-able Maneuvering Thrusters, Pose-able Booster Pod, Pose-able External Fuel Tank, Smart-Parented fully rigged component parts, and Pose-able Back-Pack that can be posed independently of the aircraft

* Separate Smart-Parented and fully rigged figure!

* Independent ERC controls on each figure component for complete control of most vital functions from 1 location. ERC's include control of all moving parts and special "Jettison" features to separate the Armor from the aircraft.

* Independent ERC controls for each Moving part including Missiles, Booster, Fuel Tank, and Thrusters. ERC Dials can be found on the "Booster” body part of the figure for ease of use!

* ERC weapons controls for launching and steer-able missiles and ordinance.

* Fit-to Poses for the Gun-pod and Chaff Pod to allow for proper fitting with the added parts.

* Special Pose Preset to prepare the Aircraft Mode to have the ETO Set attached (you will need to apply this pose preset before loading the ETO Booster).